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As the year transitions from 2019 to 2020, it is out with the old interior design trends and in with the new. Let’s take a moment to review some of the top design styles from the past year and what we can expect to see in the coming months.

2019 Recap of Interior Design Trends

Through the year of 2019, we saw a variety of colors, textures, and ideas rise to popularity. A few of them stand out among the rest.


During this past year, many people were focused on the colors inside their homes more than they have been in the past. The bland age of white walls seems to be long gone as we saw unique shades of natural colors that made homes feel like you were living outside among the trees, beaches, or other unique outdoor settings.

And while there were some who chose to incorporate bright, bold colors into their interior designs, others have continued to follow more minimalistic and “barely-there” options.


Texture & Curves

The further we got into 2019, the more we saw designers recommend and include the use of textures, shapes, and wavy lines within their ideas. Plain, flat surfaces seemed to go by the wayside as home interiors were made to stand out a bit more.

This brought into play a variety of ideas that included geometrical shapes in both decorations and furniture, as well as new materials that are replacing popular options like gold, silver, and bronze.


New Trends to Expect in 2020

While any trend is chosen by the people who actively use and pursue them, there are a few things expected to become a bit more popular during this year.


Things We’ve Never Seen Before

This may sound vague and uncertain but in reality, the level of creativity seen in interior design trends is constantly growing with every passing day. Designers everywhere are working around the clock to make something that has never been done before and people are more willing than ever to try new things.

And thanks to the instant access that resources like social media bring to the table, new designs are able to be seen by billions of people worldwide in a matter of seconds. It only takes a few shares of a new idea for it to go viral and become the new interior design trend of 2020.


Eco-friendly Materials

Following the announcement that the Time Magazine Person of the Year for 2019 was the young climate activist, Greta Thunberg, there’s going to be a bigger focus than ever for every industry to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Interior design will be no exception as trends arise that focus on both the look, feel, and specific materials that are used to protect and promote caring for the environment.


What Interior Design Trends Do You Think Will Rise in 2020?

Everyone will always have their own opinions and unique styles, but it is always fun to keep up with trends and see what is popular as the years pass us by. If you want to learn more about the current direction interior design is heading or need assistance with home staging services, contact Creative Home Stagers today by calling 704-315-5802 or request a quote!