The societal changes caused by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic impacted every industry, including interior design. As we experienced lockdown, many of us found that we needed to do extra work on cultivating a space of refuge in our homes. As we move into 2021, the most apparent interior design trends create a cozy, livable space with style and finesse while simultaneously reinventing the space to represent the new beginnings that so many of us hope to have.

Cultured Cottagecore

The recent aesthetic “Cottagecore” is often seen as a romanticized stylistic take on rural life, but even new trends are constantly evolving. Cottagecore has taken on a fresh face as we begin to move through 2021, looking more cultured and refined even with the throwback 50’s wallpaper patterns and the classic styled furniture. It has a distinct vogue flavor with complementary and bright colors in patterns that make your home feel cozy while giving it visual zing.

Essential aspects of this design include coloration patterns, rustic wood elements, such as in the curtain rods or table decorations, and stone accents on fireplaces or mantles.

Neutral, Earth Tones

For many of us, our time in lockdown was a brief period where we could reconnect with nature in satisfying ways before going back to indoor jobs. Many of our homes now see the calming and centering influence of warm, earth tones coming onto the walls and the furniture. Gentle visual planes are created with light tans, creams, browns, and sometimes greens. These tones remain welcoming while having a calming effect on anyone sitting in the midst of them.

Bright Accent Pieces Against a Pastel Palette

Not many people are interested in painting large walls in their homes bright pinks, yellows, or blues. Yet our homes became our creative outlet more than anything else in the last year. Moving into 2021, the trend for brilliant accent pieces only continues to rise. The walls and central pieces are typically centered around a calming color palette of pastels and browns, only to be contrasted with bright chairs, tables, and eclectic wall hangings.


How many of us had to cancel our vacations last year, whether to a nearby hotspot or an exotic beach? Our homes are reflecting that longing for adventure in 2021. More people have started to decorate with global influences in mind, bringing in tribal African touches or incorporating the brilliant and contrasting color patterns you might see in South America and Southwestern Asia.

Signature signs of this exotic trend include tropical leaf and palm designs, bright colors reminiscent of Hawaii, and accessories reminiscent of travel.


Japandi is a style that has been jumping out at us and couldn’t be further away from the rustic calls of Cottagecore or earth tones. As the name suggests, it combines Japanese influences with a modern twist from the ever-trending Scandanavian culture. Japandi is an offshoot of a minimalistic style of decorating using simple shapes, colored wood, and muted color palettes that give the look a modern twist. Strong, natural materials like stoneware and rattan embody this style.

As noted above, these are some of the newest interior design trends we can expect to see in 2021. If you’re looking for interior design help, we have the team for you. Contact us today to speak to one of our designers to get started on your home’s new look.