After three consecutive years of a global pandemic, a recap of the top interior design trends for 2022 reveals a focus on making people feel emotionally at ease.

Part of this insight comes from 14 top interior designers, who shared with Vogue what their clients are craving – warm, earthy colors, nature-inspired surfaces and accents, and soft, curvy furniture.

A similar theme can be seen in the botanically influenced colors of the year by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Nature-inspired décor from live plants to Earthy green wall colors were hot trends in 2022.

Elements from retro, natural, and Zen styles all played a role in 2022 interior design trends. And with more people working from home due to the pandemic, multifunctional spaces and high-tech gadgets are also on the rise.

Top Decorating Colors of 2022

Whether it’s a refreshing and restorative hue of green, an uplifting and inspiring blue-green, or a comforting and cozy earth-tone brown, natural colors dominated interiors in 2022.

Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog

The soft and soothing cool undertone of Evergreen Fog’s gray-green hue provides a serene backdrop on walls and a lovely canvas for furniture in natural shades of brown and gold.

Benjamin Moore – October Mist 1945

October Mist 1945 is described as a whimsical yet reliable sage green hue with a decidedly Old World feel. It makes a good option for shabby chic style accent furniture and the weathered finishes on cabinets and mirror frames.

Behr – Breezeway

The silvery blue-green hue of Breezeway is an uplifting color inspired by sea glass. According to Behr, ”Breezeway evokes feelings of coolness and peace while representing a desire to move forward and discover newfound passions.” Use Breezeway to brighten the look of kitchen cabinets, expand a ceiling, or make a small bedroom or bathroom look more spacious.

Forbes Home – Dark Earth Tones

Dark earth tone colors in cozy shades of brown make a welcoming contrast with the cooler hues of blue and green. Dark earth tones provide the comfort and stability that people crave after living with so much fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Deep colors also add sophistication to rooms with understated, natural design elements. Forbes recommends the following colors:

  • Benjamin Moore: Gloucester Sage and Mysterious
  • Sherwin Williams: Urbane Bronze and Iron Ore
  • Valspar: Rustic Oak and Fired Earth

Popular Styles in 2022

Nostalgic decorating themes can bring back memories of happier times. However, the consequences of climate change are a stark reminder of the need for sustainable styles.


Incorporate a ’70s vibe into your home with a sunken lounge, vintage furniture, and groovy textures like velvet and boucle-on accessories. Earth tones in burnt orange and avocado green pair effortlessly with warm wood tones prevalent in retro-style interiors.

Follow these tips on finding retro décor:

  • Frequent visits to antique stores, secondhand shops, and flea markets – persistence pays off when hunting for rare finds and negotiating prices.
  • Buy vintage furniture and décor online – good resources include 1st Dibs and Chairish while eBay is a good place to find specific items like retro shag rugs.

Mindful Zen

Sustainability is a major focus for Millennials and Gen Z. Less-is-more in this relaxed, minimalist design style that embraces light wood, clean lines, and floating surfaces.

Meditation rooms are tech-free zones without distracting electronics. Think of natural elements for a soothing atmosphere and organic healing. Include crystals, driftwood accents, stone surfaces, and lots of live plants to clean the air and influence a natural setting.

Choose eco-friendly wood products made from bamboo, white ash, or pine. Mix in other sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, bio-glass, recycled metal, and jute. And soften the space with floor pillows, cushions, a soft rug, or a wall tapestry.

2022 Interior Design Trends with Staying Power

Sustainability is a long-term trend that shows no sign of waning popularity. However, modern homeowners are also looking for convenience and peace of mind with home automation features they can control using a smartphone.

  • Smart furniture – designed with function in mind, examples include shelving that slides open to reveal a television or speakers that double as decorative décor.
  • High-end tech gadgets – think heated flooring, self-shading windows, or technology that controls security, temperature, lighting, and music.
  • Natural elements – nature is eternal and will always recall a feeling of relaxation, well-being, and renewal.
  • Multifunctional spaces – furniture that serves dual purposes and innovative storage solutions are in high demand as people adjust to the new normal of working and spending more time at home.

Get Help Updating the Style in Your Home

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