People selling their homes are often faced with time-consuming preparation before the realtor gets the “For Sale” sign in the yard. And although the realtor/client team has the same ultimate goal in mind, reaching that celebratory moment when the house is sold starts with making sure the house is picture-perfect.

One of the first steps in getting a home ready for sale may include hiring a home stager. Home stagers can transform a home and create an entirely new atmosphere, thus creating buyer interest. Furthermore, home staging can greatly impact how buyers visualize themselves living there. And when it comes to getting a home sold, home stagers support realtors in these best three ways.

Home Stagers Add Value

Home staging preps homes for sale on the real estate market. Homes may be inhabited or uninhabited but most proponents agree that home stagers add value by increasing the home’s selling price and the likelihood that it will sell quickly. Home stagers can help a realtor’s client organize and arrange furniture for optimum visual effects.

Home stagers also offer tips and creative ideas for decorating with the client’s current possessions, thereby eliminating additional costs to the seller. In addition, home stagers generally stage several rooms including the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and dining room. Realtors that work with home stagers can rest assured that each home has been thoroughly prepared before it hits the market.

Home Stagers Know How to Highlight the Home’s Best Features

First impressions mean everything when it comes to selling a home, but creating that readiness to buy doesn’t start at the door. Buyers get a first look at the home’s appeal from the time they pull into the driveway. No doubt, curb appeal is an important part of impressing the buyer and home stagers know how to guide sellers on the importance of a well-maintained exterior.

The home stager will assess the exterior of the home and suggest recommendations that can make the difference between a quick sale or a negotiated price that’s less. Realtors know that professional home stagers have a keen eye for what makes a home most desirable to buyers. And although every home has its unique features, home stagers are experienced in bringing a home’s best features to life so that buyers will notice.

Home Stagers Help Generate Listing Interest

Realtors and builders understand the need for staging homes to increase the home’s marketability. Staging can increase the sum that buyers are willing to pay for a property, and homes that are staged can help realtors sell properties up to 30 times faster than homes that aren’t staged.

Consider these added advantages that realtors have when working with home stagers:

  • Helps sellers organize and declutter to create more buyer interest.
  • Creates an atmosphere that enables the buyer to envision living in the home.
  • Staged homes sell faster.
  • Staged homes usually sell for more than homes not staged.
  • Home stagers help build the realtor’s brand and reputation as a professional.

Celebrating the Sale

Realtors can enjoy the rewards of closing more real estate deals by using a home stager to impact how buyers see homes. Indeed, it’s a winning partnership and one worth celebrating when buyers cross the threshold of happiness in their new home.