Charlotteans love planned communities. We’re in the middle of a bonafide boom when it comes to master planned developments and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

From Waverly to Riverwalk to Vermillion, there are dozens of communities in the works or already underway from Waxhaw to Davidson. At Creative Home Stagers, we’re seeing a sharp uptick in the number of planned community model home designs we’ve been working on. Let’s take a look at why so many people flocking to these kinds of neighborhoods.

Charlotte’s Population Explosion

Did you know that Charlotte is now the #2 fastest-growing large city in America? Tens of thousands of people are moving to Charlotte every year, and although it may seem like there are more planned developments than could ever be filled, inventory cannot keep up with the demand. The average Charlottean is now only 33 years old, far lower than the U.S. average of almost 38, meaning they’re increasingly looking for homes they can live in throughout multiple phases of life.

Buyers Want Amenities in Charlotte

The kind of buyer vastly dictates the kind of amenities requested, but planned communities can accommodate all kinds of requests. For example, luxury infill townhomes in Charlotte satisfy buyers – often older – who want ultimate walkability without the hassles of yard maintenance. Conversely, planned neighborhoods in South Charlotte are banking on buyers loving their community features such as pools and playgrounds with proximity to great schools. Planned communities are great at distilling the best in a specific location’s offerings into an extremely marketable package.

Planned Communities Are Cost Effective for Builders

You may have noticed as many local builders working on neighborhood developments as national brands. Charlotte builders such as Simonini Homes, Bonterra Builders, and Saussy Burbank are all working on small- to medium-sized developments around town while national builders such as David Weekley, Pulte Homes, and Evans Coghill Homes are all working on both infill and suburban projects around Charlotte. Why? Because master-planned neighborhoods are extremely cost efficient. Builders get the economy of scale from building multiple properties at once and purchasing materials in bulk, and save transactional costs by buying up only one or a few large plots of land. The good news is, these savings are passed on to buyers who are often able to purchase beautiful new construction homes (in many cases, customizable!) at the fraction of a cost of a true custom home.

Are you a builder looking to make your next planned development stand out among a sea of competition in Charlotte? Creative Home Stagers is a Charlotte-based firm of staging and design professionals and we’ve been working with master builders in the area for years. Call us today to talk about your options for model home design, common area staging, and more.