According to a new survey from the National Association of Realtors®, 82% of agents agree that staging makes it easier to help potential buyers feel “at home” when showing a house. There’s something about walking into a peaceful, strikingly decorated room that inspires and makes an impression — there’s really no other selling point quite like it.

When a home buyer enters a space that is decluttered, freshly painted, clean, and beautifully staged, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to imagine themselves living there. Better, Realtors can provide this service while embedding the home staging costs into the listing price, so that everyone comes out on top.

1. A well-staged home will sell quicker

If you stage a property and stage it right, it’s going to sell. That’s why a property sells 88% faster for 20% more, on average, and why it’s always a good idea to do what you can to raise the odds of closing a deal. Staging adds value and ups the game when showing a property alongside another that hasn’t been given the same treatment.

Added to that, staging can increase the listing price of a home between 1% and 5%. If a home could be listed at $500,000, a Realtor could use $5-7k to stage it in a way that makes buyers so inspired that they want to put in competing offers. Burying that cost in the listing price not only gives you a return on investment, but it also has the potential to increase your commission.

2. Boutique-style service is in high demand

Nothing sets you apart from your competition like providing incomparable customer service. A service package offering free home staging is hard to beat, especially for homeowners looking to sell quickly and have multiple offers placed after a first showing. Adding this to your business card opens you up to buyers in a boutique market looking for high-end service in exchange for a slightly higher listing price.

3. You don’t even have to do the work

If you’d rather not deal with the work involved with staging a home, Realtors can still benefit from hiring someone else to do it. Costs can vary, depending on the extent of staging that needs to be done, but professional home stagers know how to up the game when putting a home on the market.

The national average home staging cost is $1,723, which can include rented furniture and decorations, while services like painting and deep cleaning are also available. The amount you’ll pay will depend on the extent of services used, but if it can be eventually buried in the final listing price, there is ultimately no loss to your commission.

Staging for your next sell

The right mix of color, light, and accents can turn a room into something magical. To make this happen, every detail — from professional cleaning to refinishing cabinets, to installing lighting upgrades — must be considered. If you are a Realtor and aren’t offering this important service to clients who are selling a home, you’re missing out on an amazing tool to take your business and sales to the next level.

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