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So, you’ve got a showing scheduled? Great! Now it’s time to spruce up the house before the potential buyers come to check it out. It’s no secret by now that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, at least that’s what any working Realtor will tell you.

How can you make your bathroom more appealing on showing day? Here are three things you absolutely must hide in the bathroom before the buyers show up.

  1. Toiletries
    When buyers enter your bathroom you want them to be thinking about all the natural light and the carefully-laid tile, not about whether or not you both use the same shampoo. Toiletries are surprisingly personal items, and their mere presence acts as a reminder that people currently live in the home. Your toothbrush, especially! In the same way you’d take down family photos to make your home more “neutral,” you should hide your toiletries to help potential buyers better imagine themselves in the space.
  2. Trash
    You’d be shocked how many people neglect to put their trash out of sight on showing days! Bathroom trash cans often don’t have lids or are lined with unsightly plastic; they never add to the appeal of a space. Whatever you do, don’t forget to empty the trash in the bathroom before buyers come, and better yet, hide the trash can altogether if possible. Buyers don’t really need a reminder of what kind of trash is generated in a bathroom!
  3. Towels
    This one comes with a caveat. Remove your towels, but know that it’s a good idea to have a separate set of “showing” towels at the ready – we love crisp, bright white. Rather than leave the towel rack totally empty, switch out your bleach-stained shower towels with something that feels cleaner and less, well, used. No need to go overboard on towels, either. One or two full-sized, folded towels are enough; skip the matching hand towels and bath cloths and fussy ruffled just-for-show towels!

On showing day, make your bathroom as impersonal as possible. You know you’ve done a great job when buyers can’t tell the number or gender of people using a particular bathroom. You’re aiming for the clean, calming atmosphere you look for in a spa…no one wants to think about the people who have used the facilities previously.

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