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When you’re trying to sell an older home, you don’t want your home to feel old to potential buyers. For some, an old home that both looks and feels old is not appealing. But don’t worry, your home can retain some of its old charm while simultaneously feeling fresh.

Here are three staging tips to help you liven up your older home:


  1. Make the best of first impressions

When buyers come to your home, one of the first things they will encounter is the porch and front door. Try to spruce up the door to make it look new and fresh. To do this, you can change the knocker, add a new coat of paint on the door, and even upgrade the doorknob. For your porch, ensure you have swept away leaves and removed any cobwebs that may be lurking in corners. Before anyone even walks into the home, they will be impressed.

  1. Change your lighting

If your lighting fixtures are outdated, update them. New lighting can make any room feel new. You can use overhead lighting, new lamps, and even redirect your current lighting to highlight certain things in a room. Also, if your light switch place is also dated, change the plate to something more relevant.

  1. Use paint!

While paint is often the most suggested idea of how to liven up a home, it is one thing that usually never fails. A nice, new coat of white paint can help your home feel brighter, bigger, and give off a cleaner look, in general. You can also use light, muted colors such as yellow or blue to rejuvenate certain rooms. However, if you’re going to use colors, ensure they don’t overwhelm your target audience.


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