Staging your home is a great way to get top-dollar and sell fast. At Creative Home Stagers, we’ve staged hundreds of homes throughout the Charlotte area and we understand what buyers here are looking for. One of the most common questions we get asked is how to stage children’s rooms. We know…it can be tough!

Here are our tips for staging a child’s bedroom in a way that attracts buyers and brings in offers.


Ditch the Cartoons

Remember, staging is all about creating cohesive, livable spaces, not showpieces. Resist the urge to overdo a kids’ room with giant cartoon stickers and flashy primary colors everywhere. While kids’ rooms don’t need to be subdued, they do need to have mass-appeal. Consider that a lot of buyers bring their kids to open houses…are the characters/themes in your kid’s room turning them off? The easier it is for buyers to picture themselves in every room of your home, the more likely they are to buy.


Stay Gender Neutral(ish)

Of course, you’re probably going to live in your home while it’s on the market, but try not to create an overly “feminine” or “masculine” space. You never know the age or gender of the kids your buyers will have, and children have very strong opinions about not wanting a “____’s room!” If you paint your daughter’s room hot pink and decorate with tons of florals and feathers it’s going to be hard for a boy-mom to look at the space and see her sons’ things. Consider using as many neutrals and/or muted colors as possible (gray, tan, mint green, etc.) to keep the room from becoming too gender-specific. Make it easy for the buyer to imagine themselves in your home, not more difficult.


Don’t Over-decorate

Not all buyers are created equal. Kids’ rooms are super specific to a period in people’s lives and not all buyers will want to use your extra room(s) for that purpose! Maybe you have two five-year-olds but the buyers have one teenager. Or maybe they have a live-in grandparent or perhaps they’re empty nesters who want a home office, not a playroom. Don’t do anything in a kids’ room that’s not easy to change: steer clear of wallpaper borders, wall murals, or kid-specific light fixtures. When buyer see work…they hesitate!


Do you have a better idea how to stage a kids’ room? Don’t forget that cleaning and organizing kids’ rooms is especially important. Think about storing some of their toys or at least buying attractive storage solutions so they’re out of sight during showings. If there are toys everywhere, buyers will assume your house is bursting at the seams.


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