Somewhere between a fourth and a third of all homes in the U.S. have basements. In Charlotte, basements aren’t as common as they are up north, but plenty of homes still have them.

A lot of homeowners wonder what the best way to stage a finished basement is. It can be tricky to know how to position a basement to potential buyers, especially if it comes with challenges like low ceilings, a lack of natural lighting, or an awkward layout! Here’s what the team at Creative Home Stagers wants you to know about staging your basement.

  1. Brighten Up

    Even the “brightest” basements still lack the same amount of light you’ll find just one floor above. It’s important to bring in as much light as possible to a finished basement to keep it from feeling like a dungeon, especially if the ceilings are low, too.

Use light, fresh paint colors on the walls to open up the space. Neutral furniture and flooring are also smart choices as they can keep the space from feeling gloomy. Recessed lighting is an excellent way to flood a basement with light from above, further opening up the room.

  1. Keep it Uncluttered

    Resist the urge to use your basement as a catch-all storage space! It should be designed cohesively just like any other room in your home; buyers will be able to tell if you just stick every spare piece of furniture you have down in the basement to create a “usable” room.

Working with a professional stager is the best way to ensure your basement looks great. A stager can work on storage solutions that don’t feel cluttered (an ottoman that opens up, a bright cabinet that contains small items) and even help you arrange to bring in rental furniture if yours won’t fit the bill.

  1. Define the Function
    It’s super important in the most nebulous spaces in your home to define the space for potential buyers. Basements can be almost anything, from home gyms to man caves, but they shouldn’t be everything. Define your basement’s function(s) and decorate with that in mind.

The layout of your basement should be planned around its use. The more open you can keep the room the better, but don’t fret if you’ve got a structural pole right in the middle of the space! A great stager can actually use beams and braces to help define separate parts of a room.


Do you need help turning your boring basement into a show-stopping extra room? Creative Home Stagers knows what Charlotte buyers are looking for. We’ve staged dozens of finished basements for homeowners looking to get the highest bid in the least amount of time.

Reach out to our team of accredited stagers today to find out how inexpensive staging really is.
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