In a market as hot as Charlotte’s, it can be tempting to try and sell your home “as is.” And while you’ll probably still (eventually) find a buyer this way, remember that turn-key properties almost always sell faster and for a higher ROI.

Considering making a few upgrades before your home goes on the market, but not sure where to start? Creative Home Stagers’ professional staging team has worked with homes on both ends of the spectrum. Here’s our advice on three upgrades you should absolutely, positively make before trying to sell.

  1. Start with the Walls

    If you have wall problems, you’ll have buyer problems. It’s absolutely imperative that your walls be clean, whole, and painted in a way that doesn’t distract from the features of your home! Sheetrock that has holes in it (even in the garage) is a bright red signal to buyers that you haven’t kept up with the maintenance on your home. Replace any cracked, split, or otherwise unsound walls and paint them a neutral color throughout if you’re going for fast and inexpensive. Better yet, work with a professional stager on a color plan that highlights your home’s assets (like it’s natural light or it’s unusually-hued granite countertops) for a stand-out stunner.

  2. Fix the Floors.

    What goes for your walls also goes for your floors. If you have carpet, it’s always best to replace it completely before going on the market. Your home will look cleaner, smell fresher, and you can market it as having “new carpet,” too. If you have hardwoods, consider having them refinished if they’re particularly stained or scratched. Of course, if there are any egregious damages like holes or missing planks, have those dealt with immediately. Your floors can be one of the best selling features of your home if you know how to highlight them.
  3. Work on the Exterior.

    All too often, homeowners get consumed by the little things inside the house they think buyers will notice and totally neglect the outside. Your roof is of utmost importance because it’s a very noticeable indication of how well you maintain the entire property. Likewise, gutters, bricks, siding, and even the front door can all detract from the experience you want your home to create if they’re faulty or need replacing. One of the easiest ways to spruce up the outdoors without breaking the bank? Hire a pressure washer to do the deck, the exterior, and even the driveway for a sparkling clean finish.

Need help determining what to fix before you put your home on the market? Creative Home Stagers is here for you. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners to determine what can stay and what’s in need of an upgrade.


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