Having a place where everything goes in your home can bring a sense of peace and prevent you from running around trying to find something. The home organization trend continues to rise in popularity, and creating a luxury atmosphere at home is another trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Keep reading for a few tips from a home staging company that will keep your home organized with a high-end, luxury flair.

Start with One Room

Start with one area at a time if you have numerous places in your home that you wish to bring under control. When cleaning up the whole house feels intimidating, most attempts at organizing fail.

Examine the contents once you’ve chosen an area. Everything you don’t want to or can’t wear or use any longer should be donated or sold at a garage sale. Use the two-year rule: if you haven’t worn or used the item in two years, it’s time to let it go. You can make an exception when you have a strong emotional relationship with an item.


If you spend any time online, you’ve likely seen videos from home staging companies or popular influencer accounts that use repackaging to take their home storage to the next level. Clear containers are more popular than ever before — and they’re affordable!

Removing items from their original packaging and placing them in a reusable container can bring a cohesive look to any room. For example, you can create a clean, professional look in your kitchen by storing your pasta, rice, sugar, and flour in clear or white containers.

Many people have been doing this in their laundry room as well. If you use laundry pods or cleaning beads, placing them in a clear container will be aesthetically pleasing.


If you have opted for colored containers to help with organizing, labeling is a great way to know what’s inside! Label makers allow you to choose your preferred font style and size to give you complete customizability.

You can label drawers in the office or craft area as well. Not only does this make it easy for you, but it can also help guests navigate since they’ll be able to find things by reading the labels.

Compartmentalize Drawers

If you group comparable products into categories, you’ll be able to discover precisely what you’re looking for in a hurry. For example, you might store your most-used baking equipment next to an assortment of sprinkles and sugars for adorning sweet delicacies.

Though it’s tempting to believe “out of sight, out of mind,” a cluttered desk drawer is not helpful to work performance. You might mix and match acrylic dividers to give your pencils, notebooks, and paper clips a home.

Professional Home Staging to the Rescue

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or you’re a real estate agent or home builder in Charlotte, NC, Creative Home Stagers is here to help. Feel free to reach out to our professionals for more information regarding organization, staging, and making your home a more elegant and clean place!