Homes don’t sell themselves. Great Realtors know that creative marketing is the key to selling a home fast and for top-dollar, but it takes a lot to stand out in a hot real estate market. Homebuyers are savvy; they know to look beyond the classifieds for what’s trending in the local housing market.

Looking for inspiration? Here are four creative marketing tips for boosting your home sale.


  1. Get Online

    The internet is the new frontier of marketing. Tech-forward real estate agents know that creating individual websites for each listing is a great way to drive views. Facebook ads, neighborhood-specific blog posts, and amazing professional photography are all great ways to draw attention to a listing online. After all, internet-proficient millennials make up over a third of all of today’s homebuyers.

  2. Shoot a Virtual Tour

    Homebuying is an incredibly emotional experience. Give buyers the ability to feel like they’re inside the home by hiring a videographer to shoot a video tour. Over 50% of buyers say they find them very useful! An immersive, 3D experience allows potential buyers to get a feel for the space, but ensuring the house looks its best is critical. Hire a professional stager to help arrange furniture and declutter, and even to help arrange painters and handymen.
  3. Direct Mail

    Did you know that in many cases, the ultimate buyer of a home already lives in the neighborhood? “Move-up” buyers choose to put offers on local homes because they already love the area and simply need more space or a better layout. Direct mailers are an excellent way to reach these buyers. Postcard-style mailers work best, and they should feature several high-def photos of the perfectly-staged home. Remember, buyers should get the same experience when they physically tour a home that they expect from seeing photos.
  4. Stage Specifically

    Could you turn that oddly-shaped landing into an over-the-top kids’ playroom? Maybe that bonus room would be great as a media room, instead? What about staging the basement to be a fully-functional home gym? Allowing a stager to turn part of your home into a showpiece sets it apart in a sea of 3BR/2BA houses. Buyers might forget the hundredth beige foyer they see, but they won’t forget your Man Cave!

Selling your home takes more than sticking a sign in the yard. Creative marketing strategies can help your house get attention – and showings! – which lead to more and better offers. Talk to your Realtor about what her marketing plan is for your home.



Staging is a critical part of the home-selling process!
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