There’s a common misconception that winter is the worst season to sell your home. That simply isn’t true! Many Realtors will tell you, winter is actually a great time for your home to stand out on the market, and homeowners who sell this time of year often actually get more than they likely would have otherwise. Here’s why.

  1. Inventory is low in winter.

    Housing inventory is at its lowest point in winter no matter where you live. People are settled, the holidays are near – people are waiting until spring to put their homes on the market. Take advantage of the lull! If your home is one of the only ones on the market in your area you’ll have more control over pricing, and buyers’ full attention. Use that to your advantage.

  2. Emotions are high this time of year.

    Emotions sell houses. Lucky for you, wintertime is one of the most emotionally-loaded seasons of the year! Staging your home during winter is particularly effective: heighten the coziness of your home by lighting your fireplace, arranging the furniture towards the most light, and baking cookies for a homey smell. Just go easy on the holiday decorations – you want your house to seem inviting, not kitschy.

  3. Timing is everything.

    Winter is a great time to sell your home because of the financial benefits it presents buyers. There are often end-of-year tax advantages to claim and for many people, winter is when their personal books are settled and there’s a clearer financial picture. Mortgage rates, too, tend to drop to their lowest levels at the very end of the year. All this works in your favor as a seller.

  4. People want to be settled.

    People don’t often make impulse house purchases in winter, they buy this season because they need to. Maybe they’ve recently had a baby or, more likely, they want to get into a house and get settled before the weather warms back up. People move during the holiday season, in particular, to benefit from the extra time off of work and school. You’ve got a narrow window…use it!


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