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It’s time to sell your house. You’re probably thinking you can sell it with no problem, right? But then the house sits on the market with no offers for months on end. What should you do? Today’s buyers want to be able to envision themselves in your home, so you may need to take a different approach. By hiring a professional home stager when you’re ready to sell your home, you are more likely to sell faster and for more money. Before hiring a stager, here are some tips you should know.

1. Before hiring the first home stager you find on the Internet, do your research. You want to make sure you know the success of the stager. Find any former client testimonials to see if they were happy with not only the work done, but also the experience of working with the home stager. You should know what to expect and what you may need to be wary of before entering into this professional relationship. If they haven’t been well-received in the past, you probably don’t want to work with them.

2. When a home is being staged, there is no set cost. You should ask for a proposal. Always be sure you know what you’re paying for. Also, be aware of the home stager’s availability to help you and be sure they are insured; ask for a copy of their insurance certificate.

3. Take a step back and set your personal feelings aside. When you hear the staging plans, don’t be put off if the design choices do not match your particular tastes. You must remember that you are trying to appeal to potential buyers rather than what appeals to you. Your furniture may be nice, but it may not captivate buyers the way you want. Different options can help your space feel lighter and more spacious.

4. Know what you can do yourself versus what you should leave to the professionals. If your walls need a fresh coat of paint, you can do that yourself. Maybe you want to change the faceplate on light switches to freshen the room? You can handle it! Just know, when it comes to certain things, hiring a professional can keep you from harm and injury.

Professional home stagers could be the boost your home needs to sell faster. Creative Home Stagers has a team of qualified professionals ready to help you visually change your home. For more information on consultations, please contact us.