Maybe you think your home is perfect or maybe you’re under no illusion it’s without flaws. The truth is, every home is imperfect in some ways…it’s what makes the real estate market so interesting!

If you’ve decided to sell your home, you’re probably suddenly very worried about these imperfections. Will they turn off buyers? Will they affect my asking price? Can I compete with homes that don’t have the problems mine does?

It’s entirely possible to sell an imperfect house fast and for top-dollar. Here are four tips on how to do it right.

  1. Define “Perfect”

    The first thing you need to do before you “fix” your home’s imperfections is to truly decide what they are. There’s a difference between quirks (i.e. a star-shaped skylight) and a true imperfection (i.e. a room so small it’s barely functional.) For the most part, imperfections are things that come part-and-parcel with your house…they’re not as simple as a new coat of paint. Anything that can be fixed relatively easily like cracks in the drywall or a door that always sticks should be dealt with before your house goes to market.
  2. Move Attention Away from the Flaws

    Your best bet when marketing a home with imperfections is to do what you can to minimize them. Are your windows too small? Hang curtains higher and wider to give the illusion of larger openings. Is the flooring really starting to wear? Place rugs strategically in spots that are especially unsightly. Dated kitchen? Replace hardware and declutter the countertops to minimize the room’s visual impact.

  3. Draw Attention to Your Home’s Best Features

    For everything about your home that’s lacking, there are three more features buyers will love. The best way to minimize flaws is actually to highlight your home’s attributes. Play up what’s working using the right color palette, well-placed furniture, and excellent accessories. Buyers don’t expect everything about a home to be perfect; the more features that are perfect, though, the less its flaws will detract.

  4. Hire a Stager

    Stagers make a living off of minimizing home’s flaws and highlighting their strengths. It’s just what they do! A great stager can help you play off spatial constraints (turn that useless nook into a small office space!), add more “natural” light (lamps, lamps, and more lamps!), and even update spaces that look hopelessly out-of-date (fresh paint and new hardware in the bathroom!). Stagers are experts at turning drawbacks into positives.

An imperfect home doesn’t have to be an unsold home. Don’t keep your head in the sand when it comes to your home’s flaws…get ahead of them!



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