Real estate photography has become a necessity for marketing a home. Today’s homebuyers spend 60% of their online house searching time looking at photos, and most studies show that homes with high-quality images sell faster and for more money.

You can’t afford not to hire a pro!

Looking for a real estate photographer you can trust? Here are some tips from Creative Home Stagers on choosing the best photographer for the job.

  1. Ask Your Allies

    The real estate community, even in a city the size of Charlotte, is tight-knit. Realtors know each other and professionals earn reputations for quality work over time. The easiest and best way to find a great home photographer is to ask other professionals! Talk to your stager about who they use to photograph their work, and ask your Realtor if they have any recommendations for reliable photographers. The best resource is right under your nose.

  2. Check the MLS

    A covert way to find a great photographer is to look at other home listings on the MLS; when you find pictures you like, dig in. Sometimes photographers will watermark photos with their logo, but it might not be a terrible idea to reach out to other sellers to ask who they used for pics! Be sure to look at listings that don’t compete directly with yours – lower price range, different neighborhood, etc. – so your contact won’t put them on guard.
  3. Look at Websites

    Photography is, thankfully, a very visual industry. The best way to tell whether you’ll like a real estate photographer’s work is to look at their previous work! Check out each photog’s website individually and spend time on their galleries to see how they use lighting, angles, and detail shots to frame homes. Their best photos are going to be the ones they choose to show off on their site.

  4. Trust Your Gut

    Like any professional, photographers should be friendly and available. When you reach out to a photog, do they get back to you quickly? Do they take time to answer your questions? Do they offer professional guidance you can use regarding what time to take the photos, where the best light will come from, and what you should do before they arrive? Start your search for a photographer early in case you have to “interview” a couple before finding the right fit.

Creative Home Stagers is invested in helping you sell your home. From full-home staging to staging consultations, our experts will help you sell faster and for a higher price…it’s just what we do!

Do you need help choosing a real estate photographer in Charlotte? Reach out to us today to talk about how to show your home in the best light possible.