Home buyers are scrutinizing. They’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home – sometimes more! – and they can’t afford to overlook anything, no matter how small. Great stagers know that the key to selling a home fast and for the highest amount possible is always in the details.

Here are five small details buyers are going to notice. Tackle them correctly and they’ll elevate your house to “must have” status.

  1. The Entryway

    Your home’s entryway is like its smile. It should be warm, it should be inviting, and it should be memorable. Do everything you can to create the kind of entryway that sticks with buyers, from implementing bright, airy colors to strategically scattering a few potted plants. If you’d want to hang out in the entryway, you’ve done it right.

  2. Cleanliness

    The cleanliness of your home – or lack thereof – can make or break your sale. Buyers want turn-key, especially in hot markets, and they don’t want to buy a house that feels dirty. The bad news is, there are probably a lot of places you haven’t been cleaning that you should be! Just one dirty fan blade can signal “unmaintained!” to a prospective buyer. The good news is? Cleaning is something you can totally do yourself.

  3. The Scent

    Does your house have a smell? Of course it does! Every interior space smells like something, so it’s important your home smells like something positive rather than something offensive. If you’ve got a bad odor, fix it before you do anything else; buyer’s will absolutely notice it. If you just want to freshen up your space? Consider adding a couple of scented candles throughout the house in light, appealing scents like Cotton or Lavender.

  4. To-Do Projects

    The time to finish up that Honey-Do list is before your house goes on the market. Buyers don’t want to deal with that leaky faucet or that hole in the hardwood flooring…they’re willing to pay top-dollar so you’ll do it for them. Hire a contractor if you need to get everything completed before your open house; think of it as an investment in the ultimate sales price of your home.

  5. Half-Empty Closets

    Storage is universally important to buyers. A great trick smart stagers use to make it look like your home has ample storage is to remove at least half the items from every closet (and drawer and cabinet, if possible!) When buyers see a closet with plenty of room for additional clothing they assume they’ll never run out of space if they buy your home! That translates to higher offers and in turn, is worth the short-term cost of a small storage unit.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Are you painting it in its best light? Successful Realtors use stagers for a reason. Staging provides unparalleled ROI and it’s easier and simpler than you think.

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