Getting above market prices on your residential listings is a guaranteed way to increase realtor sales commissions. Follow these successful realtor tips and tricks to sell your residential listings faster and for more money. The key strategy is to connect with potential buyers on a deeper, emotional level.

Tip #1: Slower Home Sales Mean Charlotte, North Carolina Realtors Need an Edge to Stay Competitive

Rapidly rising mortgage interest rates have put the brakes on home sales in Charlotte. What was once described as an “all-out bloodbath” for a place to live has now shifted towards a more favorable market for buyers.

Slower home sales have also resulted in more inventory becoming available to the market. With more homes for sale, buyers can now be more selective when deciding whether they want to make an offer on a home.

Home staging can help NC realtors earn commission on a home that sells for more money. On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes.

Tip #2: What’s Included with All-Inclusive Home Staging

Creating a win-win situation for both realtors and their residential clients helps everyone come out on top. It also leads to more word-of-mouth referrals, which benefits all service professionals involved.

All-inclusive home staging includes the following services:

  • Initial consultation
  • Deep cleaning and professional painting referrals
  • Furniture and décor rental
  • Professional photography and video

Learn how to maximize space in every room by removing clutter and using lighter colors on walls, curtains, and furniture. Replacing big, bulky furniture with more delicate, streamlined pieces, as well as adding mirrors to walls can make a room feel bigger.

Because home buyers begin their search for a home online, professional photos and videos of your staged home are an absolute must.

Realtors can embed the final cost of home staging into the listing cost of the home. You will become a hero to your clients when their home sells quickly and in many cases, for more money than homes of comparable value without staging.

Tip #3: Offer Model Home Staging to Your Home Builder Clients

Home builders can benefit from practical design tips that will prevent their homes from looking dated or of lower quality by cutting corners with cheaper building materials.

  • Use simple and timeless designs – ensure your newly built home listings will continue to appeal to buyers for years to come.
  • Emphasize the use of high-quality materials – work with builders that use high-quality building materials covered by generous warranties to potential home buyers.
  • Create a warm and inviting environment – model home staging allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

It is your job as a realtor to point out the home builder’s attention to detail, ensuring your buyers are investing in a well-built home that will last for decades.

Tip #4: Download Our Free Realtors’ Guide to Home Staging

If you’re interested in North Carolina realtor tips for getting more residential listings & higher sales commissions, get our free Realtors’ Guide to Home Staging.

Inside you’ll discover many benefits to home staging, including:

  • Discounted rates for multiple listings
  • Additional ideas to get more referrals
  • Gain a reputation for selling homes faster and for more money

Don’t let the challenges of high inflation and stagnant home sales put a damper on your home-selling career. Try home staging services to ensure your NC home sales commission reflects a top-notch market selling price.

Tip #5: Get Buyers Emotionally Attached to Your Residential Listings

Our home stagers use the same design principles that top-level interior designers use to transform dull, ordinary living spaces into warm, welcoming extraordinary spaces that make buyers feel “at home” as soon as they walk through the front door.

People buy homes for emotional reasons. Home staging can help realtors create a story where potential home buyers envision themselves living and entertaining friends and family in a spacious, well-decorated modern home. Contact Creative Home Stagers for a quote today.