With the return to school looming, many parents are worrying about safety. How safe will their children be? How can you prevent them from bringing germs back home to vulnerable relatives? Here are a few tips to help you keep your home safe when the kids return to school this September.

1. Create a DIY Sanitizing Station

You don’t need to install an automatic sanitizer on the wall. But it might be worthwhile to add a bottle of sanitizer on the nearest table to your entrance. This way, your children can wash their hands as soon as they come into the home. They should sanitize before touching anything inside, like door handles and light switches.

2. Create a Separate Closet Space for the Kids

Choose the nearest closet door for your children. This is the only place where they can hang their coats or store their backpacks, hats and shoes. This way, their outerwear won’t contaminate yours or anyone else who lives in your home.

If you want to keep it organized, consider placing a small storage bin for each child on the closet shelf. They can use this for small items.

3. Buy Your Child Several Masks

Depending on your child’s age, wearing a mask may be difficult. You can expect them to lose at least a few. You may want to invest in a few, especially if your child rides the bus or carpools to and from school. In situations of close proximity, they should be wearing a mask.

4. Create a Homework Nook

Choose one area of the house that you or other relatives can avoid. Set up a table with all supplies needed for your children to do their homework. You may not want them unloading all their school books on your kitchen table anymore.

Keep the area equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. You may also want to decorate it to make it a more fun place for your children to work. Think about wall decals, fun school supplies or an arts and crafts station.

5. Choose One Bathroom for Your Children

If you live with a vulnerable person, you know that keeping them safe from Covid-19 is critical. Avoid cross-contamination by using a separate bathroom. It is a good idea to name one for the children if you have the ability to do so.

This can be fun for children. They’ll feel like they have their own private space. Consider adding some funky towels, scented soaps or candles, and other kid-friendly accessories.

The Bottom Line

There is still so much unknown about the Covid-19 virus. How it affects children is still not fully understood, along with a slew of other things. With kids headed back to crowded schools, it’s no wonder so many parents are feeling a little stressed. With these tips, you can help minimize the risk of transmission from your child to anyone else in your home.

A few simple steps can make the transition back to school smoother and safer for your entire family.