When hired to redesign your home, there are some vital questions an interior designer must first ask to gain a deeper understanding of your preferred style and taste.

These questions put a designer on the right track to creating the exact look you had in mind and let you know you’re in good hands:

1. What do you already like and dislike about your home?

While you might want a large portion of your home to change, there are likely still parts of it that you really love. It’s the designer’s job to keep and even accentuate these things while ensuring the aspects of your home that you hate are redesigned to perfection. You might love your current color scheme, the mood of a specific room, or your large front window that captures the morning sun, for example.

2. What style(s) are you most drawn to?

When you’re trawling Pinterest, flipping through the pages of a magazine, or visiting the homes of friends and family, you’ll likely notice that you’re drawn to certain decor styles. Whether it’s Scandi, coastal, or boho with a modern twist, revealing your favorite design trends will help reveal the bigger picture of how you want your home to look.

3. How do you want the space to feel, or what mood do you want it to create?

Some clients prefer a cozy and intimate space, while others love light, airy, and sun-drenched rooms. Do you want your home to make you feel calm and Zen, or uplifted and energetic? These words alone can allow an interior designer to further develop the perfect layout, color scheme, and decor style.

4. What colors do you prefer in your home?

Keep in mind that this question isn’t exactly relating to your favorite colors, but rather, those you would enjoy having in your home. Are you a white-everything person, or someone who enjoys bold pops of bright color throughout? Do you have a favorite color scheme that makes you feel most at home, like an earthy combination of sage green, burnt ochre, and clay brown?

5. What are some of your hobbies and passions?

If you’re an avid traveler, for example, your interior designer might use some of your cherished souvenirs as centerpieces around your home. Or if you’re passionate about artworks, your designer will place an emphasis on showcasing special pieces of art within your spaces. Even what you love doing in your spare time can reveal a lot about your taste in design.

6. Do you have any inspirational images you can share?

The old adage is certainly true: a picture tells a thousand words. Designers are also visual creatures and can gain a lot of information about your dream home just from the related imagery you share with them. Whether it’s a Pinterest board, scrapbook, or a few photos saved on your phone – don’t pass up the opportunity to share visual examples of what you love!

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