Your house was probably never a model home, but all sellers want their property to show like one! Model homes are always inviting, spotless, and decorated just a touch better than even the most well-designed house in the neighborhood…but how do they do it?

Here are a few secrets from the pros at Creative Home Stagers on six ways you can make your home – whether you’re selling it or not – look like a model.

1. Go Neutral
One thing you probably don’t notice about model homes is the color scheme. They’re designed that way! Models are painted, furnished, and accessorized with neutral tones like gray, white, and taupe, all to make the features of the home itself pop. Of course, throwing in a few hits of color using art, throw pillows, or dishware isn’t a bad idea, but neutral colors are the easiest way to make your place more elegant.

2. Downsize Your Stuff
How do models always feel so light, bright, and airy? The furniture chosen for model homes is typically picked because it doesn’t impede the flow of human traffic or light as it filters through a room. In a big open space, one large piece like a sofa can anchor the room, but everything else should be “lighter.” Think: tables with thin legs, barstools without backs, and side tables with just a top and no under storage.

3. Declutter
Model homes aren’t cluttered; the typical American home is. It can be difficult to know when your home becomes cluttered because your eyes have seen it all one item at a time! Asking a friend for advice or even calling in a model home decorator for a consultation can help you discern what’s décor and what’s clutter. Too many photos, knick-knacks, and mismatched books can make a space feel junky.

4. Give Each Space Purpose
That weird nook by the front door or the alcove at the top of the stairs? Use a specifically-chosen furniture piece to give it a purpose whether that’s storing snow boots or a chair for reading a book. Having awkward, no-use spaces in your home throws off the flow of the rest of the design.

5. Get Focused
Ever notice how model homes create little “vignettes” from room to room, inviting you to sit and stay? This has a lot to do with focal points. Every room should have one, from the fireplace in the living room to the big window in the bedroom, and you should build the design around it. And fight the urge to point all the furniture at the TV!

6. More Lighting
Model homes are always really, really brightly lit. This, of course, makes them feel bigger and more open but lighting can also be used to draw the eye to interesting design features like backsplash tile or beautiful art. Add more lighting options to your rooms, particularly if you’re currently only using overhead lighting. You’ll notice a huge difference right away.

Turning your house into a model home doesn’t cost a fortune and it doesn’t necessarily take superior design talent. A few simple tricks can go a long way toward making your home a showpiece!

Need more tips on staging and model home design? Creative Home Stagers has years of experience staging homes for sale and our team is excited to talk to you today.