Trusting a realtor with their home is a big deal for sellers. Whether they’re getting ready to list an investment property or a cherished family home, they want to get the best possible offer while knowing their property is in good hands. From your industry connections to your home staging abilities, here are 7 things home sellers look for before choosing a realtor.

1. Relevant experience.

Have you sold comparable homes in the same neighborhood – or at least the same area? Sellers are more likely to choose an agent who is familiar with their neighborhood and the potential buyers it attracts. They’re also more likely to choose a more experienced realtor, so if you’re a newer agent, gather some testimonials from realtors you’ve worked with, past clients, or mentors.

2. The breadth of your relationships.

Potential sellers will want to hire a realtor who has relationships with other agents to ensure their listed home gets as much visibility as possible. They want to know that you’ll reach out to your industry network (or even your social media network) to find potential buyers.

3. High-quality listings.

Speaking of listed homes, sellers will want their home to put its best foot forward. So, they’ll probably scroll through your other listings to check out the contents and quality. High-resolution photos and videos, drone footage, virtual tours, and engaging listing descriptions can help set you apart.

4. Home staging skills.

It’s your job to make your seller’s home look its best, whether you stage it yourself or include a professional staging service in your package. Come to your potential client with a clear idea of how and why you would stage their home – they’ll appreciate the fact that you did research and put in some work already.

5. The quality of your communication.

As a realtor, you have to be communicative – especially with your sellers. When a prospective seller first reaches out to you, put your best foot forward in terms of communication. Show that you’re responsive and tech-savvy by answering phone calls, texts and emails promptly; asking clients their preferred communication methods; and being as proactive as possible.

6. An effective marketing plan.

As the listing agent, what are you going to do to get the seller’s home as much visibility as possible? Tell your client what you do to market all of your listings, and what you’ll specifically do for them if they decide to hire you. This could mean hosting an open house, sending emails to your contact list, or sharing their listing on your social channels.

7. Your reputation.

You should expect that every potential client is going to Google you, so make sure you have some five-star reviews on your Google business page or Facebook page. Ask satisfied sellers to leave you a testimonial so you can build your reputation as a realtor – and win more listings.