The crisp fall season is one of the most popular times of year to revamp your home décor. Cooling temperatures and autumnal hues inspire cozy living rooms filled with warmth and light. Create a modern and welcoming space that inspires both guests and family members to sit by the fire and take in the changing foliage.

This fall, a few top home décor trends are taking center stage. While some incorporate the popular minimalist trend, others feature classic knits and patterns that soften up a dining or living room. Explore these seven tips for decorating your home this fall.


1. Bring in the Foliage

Seasonal floral arrangements and natural accents are trending in home décor throughout the year. Create a fall tablescape with a bundle of scattered pinecones, colorful branches and fall greenery like eucalyptus and olive branches. Reflect the harvest season in other prominent areas of your home across the mantle, atop bookshelves and to accent bathroom counters.


2. Layer with Knits

Transition your home to fall by filling your space with thickly knit blankets, plush throw pillows and autumnal patterns like plaid and houndstooth. Throw blankets drape well across sofas and love seats and a few cozy throw pillows turn a master bedroom into an autumnal haven. In the dining room, add a long runner to your table to mark the coming holiday season.


3. Countryside Minimalism

The modern take on rustic décor uses a soft palette of white, cream and black. Add simple yet colorful accents to an otherwise simplistic color scheme to make the autumnal hues stand out further. Add country-inspired accessories like large black candlesticks, distressed wood décor and warm lighting. Be sure to keep your home tidy from clutter or unnecessary décor, especially when staging your home.


4. Decorate for the Senses

Reflect the autumn state of mind by playing into all your senses in your house. Choose one or two complementary scents and diffuse essential oils or burn a natural wax candle. Simpler elements like cinnamon-scented pinecones can add a subtle hint of fall aroma throughout the entire day.

Expand past the rooms where you typically light candles like the living room and kitchen. Add a natural and fall scent to your bedroom to liven your mornings such as bergamot or cardamom.


5. Add Soft Earth Tones

This fall, home decorators are reaching for softer earth tones when transitioning rooms from summer to fall. Switch out throw pillows with tan, pale green or soft red. Keep your table linens and bedspread neutral with pops of these pastel fall favorites. The calmer palette creates a balanced and relaxed look to your fall décor.


6. Make a Statement

With the holidays around the corner, choose subtle décor items that include phrases that celebrate home and family. Add a framed quote above your hearth or across your kitchen counter. If you have a framed or painted quote above your bed, switch it out for a fall-themed phrase that celebrates the season of gratitude.


7. Warm Up Your Lighting

As the days grow shorter, be sure that each room is properly balanced with warm, indoor lighting. This is especially important when staging a home for sale in the darker months of the year. Play with levels of light by filling a space with a collection of table, floor and wall lighting to create balance and space.


These top fall home trends can create a welcoming space for your family, friends and – if preparing to sell your home – potential buyers. The team at Creative Home Stagers lends a professional eye to prepare each home for the fall market. We manage everything from decluttering and decorating to simplifying your space, no matter the time of year.