For many of us, the kitchen is the center of activity in our households, and if you have a young family, having a family-friendly kitchen makes life so much easier. From durable floors and countertops to non-hazardous finishes, and creating a warm, inviting space that your family will love, these are the simplest ways to make your kitchen safe and welcoming for everyone in your home.

Choosing the Right Floor

A scratch and stain-resistant floor is a must to ensure your floor will last for years. In addition to installing a floor that can hold up to regular wear and tear, a floor that’s comfortable to stand on, especially if you’re someone who spends hours in the kitchen is essential. Cork is a natural material that offers comfort and support while you’re working in the kitchen but can take a beating over time. Sheet vinyl and rubber flooring are both durable, easy to clean, with sheet vinyl being scratch and stain-resistant.

Check the Finishes

Speaking of finishes, when considering any potential paint or finish, be sure to check if it is made from non-hazardous ingredients. This includes cabinets and cupboards, counters, floors, and so on. Avoid finishes or glues containing formaldehyde, countertops set with petroleum-derived epoxy (which can contain hormone-disrupting phthalates), and chemically treated floors.

Invest in Quality Countertops

A quality countertop in a family-friendly kitchen should be durable, free from harmful chemicals, safe, and ideally, aesthetically pleasing. The best stain and scratch-resistant counter materials are granite, quartz, and Corian, which are all fantastic choices for families. While Corian can become scratched over time, it’s easy to buff out scratches and seal any cracks that may develop. Materials to avoid include marble and quartzite, which are both soft and will become scratched and stained over the years.

Have Ample Storage

No matter what size your kitchen, having plenty of storage space is a great idea for families. Hidden drawers, shelving, plenty of cabinets, and pullout pantries can reduce clutter and keep things organized so that everyone in the household knows where to find everything. Drawer organizers will also keep things tidy and help prevent kitchen utensils from getting misplaced. Don’t forget to keep storage for knives and sharper items well out of reach from children. A magnet wall mount is one excellent solution that is both safe and beautiful.

Create a Cozy Nook

If you have the space, creating a breakfast nook will make your kitchen an inviting space that your family will love to spend time in, whether you’re enjoying a meal together or your kids are doing homework. For younger children, a kitchen nook can become a place for activities like drawing, reading, and other play.

Your kitchen should be a place the whole family will want to hang out and be able to use easily and efficiently. If you’re looking for help with kitchen design or home staging, Creative Home Stagers can help. Reach out and contact us today! We’ll be happy to assist you with all your design needs.