A new build is just waiting for someone to move in and make it a home. However, a completely blank canvas can make it difficult for a potential buyer to see the true value of the build. With the right touch from a stager, a new build can show off the build features and get potential buyers excited.

Here are important benefits that professional home staging offers home builders.

Increased Desire with the First Impression

Staging highlights how a home could be used, helping potential buyers see themselves within the space. When a space is professionally staged, everything matches and only complementary pieces are used. You can guarantee that home staging will turn the space into an inviting atmosphere that makes it more desirable to potential buyers.

Home purchases are often driven by emotions; buyers take into serious consideration how they feel in a space. Home staging can help set the mood in key areas of the home, making it feel welcoming, comfortable, and refreshing.

Faster Sales for a Maximized Return

According to a recent National Association of Realtors report, 31% of agents said home staging greatly sped up the buying process, and 23% said home prices increased by up to 5%. According to Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp., staged homes spend an average of 73% less time on the market compared to non-staged homes.

The longer a home sits on the market, the more likely it is to decrease in price. Builders who stage homes increase their chances of a quick sell and top-dollar price. 

Solidified Brand Reputation for Long-Term Growth

As a home builder, you want your name to be well regarded, and brand reputation is everything. When your homes are desirable and sell quickly at their listing price, your company is seen positively.

Staging can improve your reputation even further by adding to the consistent result of your builds. People will start to attach a certain kind of quality and aesthetic to your company name because of what they’ve come to expect in your new build listings.

Results You Can Rely On

When you partner with a professional staging company, they will help you find a look ideal for your target audience, and best represents your brand. Establishing a partnership with an expert home staging team makes the process consistent and convenient.

After you get established, your professional staging team will be able to seamlessly stage your builds and clear them as soon as the purchase agreement is signed. With a working relationship in place, your team won’t have to hassle with staging details and can reap the benefits.

Are you looking for a staging expert to partner with?

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