Dimka Karaivanov
Accredited Staging Professional

Where’s your home town and what’s your fondest memories?

I am originally from Pirdop, Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe
but holds more than 1300 years of history. Growing up, I remember my favorite
thing to do was go to the movies with my Grandpa and after that we would go to the
local diner for Dinner and Ice cream.


Whats your favorite color? I love black and white, I like things simple, a minimalist by nature. If we’re talking about flowers, my favorite is the yellow rose.


What is a hobby of yours? I love scrap booking, I’ve been working on scrapbooks I made for my children that include all the school year memories.

What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte? I don’t think I have a favorite restaurant but I love breakfast foods. One favorite restaurant of mine to eat breakfast at would have to be First Watch.

What is your favorite room in the house to design/stage?
One of my favorite rooms to design or stage is probably the living room – between choosing pillow patterns and colors, or decorating built-ins, I enjoy it all!

Is there something you would like to accomplish design wise that you haven’t tackled yet? I would love to build my next house and be apart of the design process inside and

What is your best strength, and what’s a weakness? A strength that I hold would be my passion for home decor and organizing. I also enjoy decorating my house and I am DEFINITELY a neat freak. One of my weaknesses would be the fact that I am a perfectionist

Any resolutions for the new year? Trust myself more and be more decisive.

How do you relax when not working? I am very family oriented. I love spending time with my husband and two boys. Whether we just watch a movie together, ride bikes, or take a family trip, we always have a good time. I also love gardening.


If you could jump in a plane now where would you go? That’s easy! I would most likely go to Bulgaria since I don’t get to see my family enough since they all still live there


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