Tiffany Stern

Interior Designer

Where’s your home town and what’s your fondest memories?

I grew up north of Los Angeles in the suburbs of Agoura Hills/Westlake Village. It was a wonderful place to grow up. My fondest memories were spending my summer days taking the beach bus to Zuma Beach in Malibu, and wandering around Malibu Country Mart.

California Beach

water colorWhats your favorite color? Blue-Green

My mother is a water colorist and has always used many shades of blue in her work 

and that may have influenced my love of the color.

What is your designer crush?
So many! Kelly Hoppen, Thom Filicia, Kelly Wearstler and Steven Gambrel to name a few.

Whats your favorite piece of furniture or decor in your own house?I love animal  prints and Asian antiques. Anyone who really knows me, knows that fact…I cannot resist furry textures, cheetah, zebra, snakeskin, you name it. I dress with it, and I tend to pop a little of it into my interiors if it will work.  Personally, I love Asian antiques and have my own little collection. My favorite pieces in my home are of course reflective of this.



asian antique


What is a hobby of yours? I like to re-purpose items even though I’m not necessarily that handy or great with a paint brush. If I feel like a piece I own or one I see out and about can be used another way, I give it a shot.

Refurbished Furniture

Where do you like to shop for decor?
At Blakeney in South Charlotte, Creative by Nature. In Strawberry Hill, I stop in at Alexander Scott. Also, B.D. Jeffries in Southpark. Slate Interiors, in Plaza Midwood. And at the Arboretum there is a cute shop called The Brass Exchange

What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte? My favorite restaurant at the moment is Stoke. It’s a charming farm to table restaurant uptown in the Marriott of the 4 corners where the food feels so thoughtfully creative and delicious. It’s a very special place.

What’s the last book you’ve read? The last fictional book I read was Little Fires Everywhere and the last non fiction book I read was Becoming by Michelle Obama.

What is your favorite room in the house to design/stage?
I love designing any type of space, but bedrooms are very cozy and can really convey the style you are trying to achieve with one or two impact pieces.


bedbroom interior design

Is there something you would like to accomplish design wise that you haven’t tackled yet?
A hotel would be a huge dream and accomplishment. Something design wise that I haven’t done yet.

What is your best strength, and what’s a weakness? My strength has always been to keep many jobs straight in my head and for the most part remember a space in my head. Many clients have marveled at my recall for certain spaces when it’s been a long time. As I age it doesn’t get easier!!!

My weakness??? Not great at organization, and one would think with my profession I’d be better, ha! ask my past and present coworkers. Once I came back from a vacation and coworkers had organized my desk… Not for me, they were sick of looking at the mess.

Any resolutions for the new year? Hoping to do more stretching, maybe some yoga and drink more water!!

How do you relax when not working? When I’m not working or spending time with my kids and husband and I love going for a run or a long walk with my best fur buddy Charlie, our standard poodle.



Whats your favorite part of entertaining? My favorite part of entertaining is a good table-scape. I love setting the table, whether it’s a birthday party or Thanksgiving, or even if we invite friends over for Chinese take-out! I love going to get flowers and arranging them, making place cards from scratch and folding napkins in fun ways.

If you could jump in a plane now where would you go?
First place I’d go if I boarded a plane and could go anywhere is Spain. It’s kind of a hard decision since I haven’t traveled too much out of the country, but this country
seems to have all the things I love to see , lots of history, amazing architecture, and beautiful beaches and people.


That’s just some fun facts to know. Keep a look out for more behind the scenes.

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