There are several focal points to consider when staging a home for potential buyers. Curb appeal is a critical selling point when potential buyers are visiting your home. First looks set the tone for the remainder of the visit. Most buyers can determine their interest in a home when they first enter the drive.

With the Holidays approaching, the question of decorations is always relevant. It is essential to have decorations on your lawn and home. A festive curb appeal is a warm curb appeal, and important during the time of year when home purchases dwindle. Before you begin decorating, however, embrace the following tips to have a tasteful and warming curb appeal for the Holidays.

Less is More

Your curb appeal is not in competition with your neighbors. Lots of decorations is not a good luck for Holiday curb appeal. While their lawns may be covered in winter wonderlands, opt out of the inflatables and large decorations.  Colored and dancing lights have no purpose for such an atmosphere. Leave the singing decor in the shed to prevent an unnecessary distraction. A wreath on the door is acceptable and if you have the columns, a little garland will complete your decorations. Potential buyers need to feel the Holiday spirit and also see the size of your lawn.

Simple Colors

Keep your wreaths and garland a traditional green. Also, the bow on your wreath should compliment your home and the Holiday colors. Anything bright and mismatched will direct potential buyers to them and keep their attention. Also, anything that is colored should be solid and avoid anything patterned. Golds and reds during the Holidays compliment most homes and are good choices for curb appeal.

Know Your Decorating Time Frame

Holiday decorations should be limited in time as well as size. Only have the decorations up two weeks before the Holiday and remove it within the following. If you want to decorate your homes for Christmas, you do not need to begin that process on November 1st. Decorating and removing in a timely fashion prevents a distraction to buyers when approaching the home and find it decorated at an inappropriate time.

Accent Your Home Features

Does your home have high ceilings and columns? Choose traditional clear white lights to accent the home architecture. If you have a multi-level home, add wreaths to the windows on each floor. Buyers will be drawn to the size of the home, as well as other features. If you have a home with a covered porch, have lights and garland highlighting this feature. Bonus rooms above garages are great for hanging oversized wreaths, drawing attention to that area of the home. The goal of the decoration is to set an atmosphere of inviting and have them notice the highlights of your home.

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