When staging your home this Holiday season, embrace the nostalgic theme to appeal to homebuyers visiting any open houses or scheduled visits. Know your audience when embracing the nostalgia and stage based on their life stages. With baby boomers and young families in the market for new homes, give them a sense of family and comfort that brings them back to their childhood. Associating nostalgia with childhood will positively embellish the experience and memory of the home with homebuyers.

Set The Tone With Music
When staging the home, especially for open houses, softly play background music. While staging for the Holiday season, classic Holiday tunes will serve as your best options. You want to set that tone of nostalgia and there is no better way than to manipulate the atmosphere with music. Homebuyers will find the atmosphere to be warm and inviting and will associate that with your home long after they have left.

Stage Furniture For That Family Atmosphere
When staging for that nostalgic atmosphere, you want to consider the idea of a family and the furniture in family homes. The right furniture and its placement are essential to giving that nostalgia feeling for homebuyers.

Breakfast Table
In a corner of the kitchen, create a breakfast nook complete with a breakfast table. Breakfast tables provide a more casual dining experience associated with families on a daily basis. Many of your homebuyers’ will recognize this sentiment of casual family mornings and connect their childhood memories to their growing families.

Sectional Sofas
Furniture such as sectional sofas embraces the idea of family, as they provide extra seating and invite family to sit together as one. Staging your home with a larger piece such as a sectional sofa offers that family atmosphere and memories of family gatherings coming together in the living room. Whether they are a growing family or baby boomers with grandchildren, the idea of watching a family movie with the kids on the sectional will appeal to their childhood family nights.

Large Dining Tables
In the dining room, a six or eight chair table is ideal for that nostalgic feeling. Whether you choose eight individual chairs or the bench style table, the dining room is nostalgic for Holiday family dinners. Showcasing a larger table encourages the idea of hosting family for Holidays. For baby boomers, they see their children and grandchildren visiting for the Holidays.

Character Pieces
No matter if your home is as old as your homebuyers or a recent build, each home has character and unique features that should be highlighted. Collecting pieces such as traditional China buffets and vintage tables embrace nostalgia and encourage homebuyers to reflect on memories of their youth. If your home has a large front porch, fill it with a hanging swing or rocking chairs. The nostalgic front porch will give your home an edge that other homes cannot compete with.

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