Do you remember being a kid and having a special place, under your bed or in the back of your closet, where you kept the toys you loved? The magic that place brought you is important and holds true to this day. As adults, we still crave those little nooks and crannies where we can shine and express ourselves, put our prized possessions on display, or just remember a part of ourselves. Don’t miss the opportunity to share that with potential buyers when you stage your home.

Is there an end of your hallway? A walk-in closet that is a little bigger than you might expect it to be? Surprise viewers by adding a personal touch to these forgotten corners.

One quick way to make a small area look bigger is to add mirrors or other reflective surfaces. A smooth piece of glass can give an area that is small a reflective quality as well for the viewer, giving them a moment to pause and enjoy the space. Add a bit of warm lighting – think more yellow than blue – to give those small areas a lift as well.

Another quick way to make a small area look good is to give it a purpose. Love to travel? Turn a shelf at the end of a hallway into a memory space for all the fun places you’ve gone, with a small globe, travel journals, guidebooks, a few framed photos and trinkets to remind you of the time. Movie buffs? Roll out a little red carpet and get your Hollywood memorabilia, ticket stubs, and movies to make a golden corner. Do you make art? Give a corner some love by adding the tools of the trade to the corner, including some of your own work to fill the space out along with brushes, paint palettes, and books on anatomy and design.

One of my favorite things to find in a home is an area that reflects the neighborhood, city, or part of the landscape the home inhabits. For example, if you live near the coast, a small nautical area with sea-themed goods can go a long way. If the home is in the desert, a small nook honoring rocks, crystals, succulents, and images of natural landscape will make the place seem like it belongs there and in turn make the viewer feel the same way.

Open up your imagination when you put your treasures together for these forgotten areas of your home – remember that whoever is viewing this will be looking for their own ideas on what to put there as well. Collections and landscapes make great nook themes specifically because the potential buyer can think about what they collect and what they love, or wherever they are moving from, and start to put the pieces together. Who knows, maybe they’ll even decide to honor your idea and run with it if they move in! The way we capture these corners is by giving them the light, love, and attention they need.