Holiday lighting is critical for stagers who are preparing to sell a home at the most beautiful time of the year. While Holiday lighting is essential and should be used to capture the essence in home staging, there are do’s and don’ts that every Holiday staged home should hold as standards.

Holiday Lighting Do’s

Keep It Simple
While it is important to embrace the season, keep the decorating minimal and simple. Simple decorating allows stagers to highlight the features of the home. Traditional holiday candles also display the holiday cheer but do not take away from the home. A single candle in the window is simple, yet embraces the Holiday atmosphere. Remember your audience of potential buyers and use the holiday season to your advantage.

Clear/White Lights
Only use clear or white lights when lighting your home for the Holidays. Clear lights are not as distracting as those that move or are multi-colored. These lights can be distracting and unattractive to potential buyers. Clear lights are used to embellish and compliment the most home decor. The illumination from clear lights in a larger room can make the room feel larger, which is appealing to potential homebuyers.

Using Lights to Accent Home Features
For staging a multi-story home, embrace interior lighting to highlight features like staircases. Lightly wrapping garland and clear lights around the cases will draw attention to the multi-layers and make your home appear larger.  For example, hanging a lighted traditional wreath in the family room to bring attention to high ceilings is appropriate decoration.

Holiday Lighting Dont’s

Too Many Lights
If you must place exterior lights, do not heavily indulge in them. There is too much of a good thing, and that thing is exterior icicle Christmas lights. Lights in the porch railings are plenty for exterior decoration.Although your neighbors may be displaying the North Pole on their lawns, remember that there is no prize for the most lights. Too many lights on your home can prevent homebuyers from appreciating your multiple windows or that porch dormer that compliments the charm of your home. Too many lights can, unfortunately, prevent some of your best features from being seen at all because they are covered.

Skip The Big Bulbs
When hanging exterior lights, avoid the oversize bulbs. Bold style lights are distracting to the eye and can prevent potential buyers from noticing that beautiful bay window or beautiful columns because they are focused on the Christmas lights. Traditional sized icicle lights are essential and enough for exterior lighting.

Improperly Hung Light Decor
Anything that is hanging should have a clean look and there should be no distractions. When hanging lights on both the interior and exterior of the home, ensure you are using proper hanging material. Exposed tape and staplers are inappropriate for hanging lights or decorations. They should be admiring wainscoting and crown molding throughout your home when looking at the walls. For exterior lighting, clips should be used on corners so that lights can be clipped to railings and hid from viewing eyes.

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