Living in South Charlotte can give you a comfortable place to call your own, along with plenty of options for the design aesthetic you like best. SouthPark and Ballantyne are two of the most popular neighborhoods in that area, and they both have their own styles to experience. 

Depending on what you specifically enjoy, the space you’re looking for, and other factors, you may want to choose one of them over the other or simply pick the house you like best, no matter where it’s located. Here’s what you need to know about these great neighborhoods for the best home design that matches your vibe and style.


SouthPark is both a business district and a residential area, giving it a unique feel. It has the hustle and bustle of daily business being conducted but also contains spots that are more laid back. The SouthPark Mall is at the center of the neighborhood, with shops, restaurants, offices, and homes spreading out around it. 

Nearly 40,000 employees work in the business district of SouthPark, with many of them at the 1.8 million-square-foot mall. In addition to businesses, there are many beautiful and well-preserved historic homes located in this neighborhood as well. The Rotunda Building and Morrocroft Mansion are notable properties, setting the tone for the areas around them.

Tree-lined streets with large homes built in the 1970s and 1980s make up the primary design aesthetic of this neighborhood. There are some newer homes that have come along with additional business development, but the older homes are still in excellent shape in most cases. They’re popular with both current residents and people moving into the area.


The gorgeous master-planned community of Ballantyne has a far different aesthetic feel from SouthPark. While SouthPark is a quality neighborhood with comfortable and well-maintained homes that often retain their ’70s and ’80s styles, Ballantyne was specifically designed at the southern edge of Charlotte to combine high-end curb appeal with access to amenities.

Both townhomes and modern apartments are available in Ballantyne, along with multi-million dollar homes and estates that are focused on the absolute best that luxury real estate has to offer. If you’re looking for high-end living that’s very close to Charlotte but that also has its own shops and amenities contained within the community, Ballantyne may be perfect for you. 

Upscale design and the latest in technology and quality are hallmarks of this area, with gated communities such as the Ballantyne Country Club remaining popular options. Mediterranean-style villas and other architecturally elegant homes are a staple of the community.

The Right Design for the Right Neighborhood

There are so many great areas in and around Charlotte that it’s easy to find the design aesthetic you’re looking for. From the high-end beauty of Ballantyne to the thriving business culture and large, older homes provided by SouthPark, there are locations that will give you the perfect look and a great experience. Then, you can match your design to the area and feel right at home.