Home staging is one of the most important aspects of getting the best price for a home. A survey in 2021 revealed that staged homes sold for an average of $40,000 higher than the listing price.

For home builders, staging is a way to make a model house feel like a home. It helps buyers see beyond the bones of a house and imagine a life in it. Working with a professional stager can help builders display their model homes in the best light.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the ideal working relationship between home builders and home stagers.

Benefits of Partnering With a Professional Home Stager

Quality Results

Many home-building companies don’t have an in-house team for staging. The decoration and arranging of a home may fall to a family friend or someone underqualified. Staging is a complex and nuanced art, and hiring a professional ensures good results.

Increased Value

A staged home generally yields higher initial bids. That first impression a buyer gets when they walk into a skillfully staged home creates a powerful desire.

Faster Sale

Not only do staged homes sell for a higher price, but they generally stay on the market for a shorter time as well. Builders can avoid a home losing value with the right stager.

Signs of a Successful Partnership

Home builders can benefit greatly from staging, but the working relationship has to be a good fit. These are the hallmarks of a good partnership between home stagers and home builders.


Both parties should feel like their opinions hold weight in the staging of a home. Stagers need to consider the architectural style of the home, while builders should communicate the home’s unique features and layout.


Realty is a competitive business for sellers, builders, and stagers alike. Partnering with a reputable staging company can help both parties build brand awareness. This can lead to more business opportunities for both businesses.


Communication is key in any partnership, especially in the partnership between home builders and home stagers. Builders should feel comfortable voicing concerns and asking questions. While stagers bring expertise to the relationship, builders should have a say in how their hard work gets presented.

Mutual Support

There are several ways builders and stagers can support each other in a partnership:

  • Referrals: Companies in a partnership should refer clients to one another whenever possible.
  • Market insights: Stagers have a finger on the pulse of home design, and can offer valuable insights into housing trends.
  • Shared resources: Both parties can share things like design materials and storage space to reduce costs.

Partner With a Qualified Staging Professional

Finding the right home staging service for your model homes is crucial to execute your vision. The partnership should be beneficial for both the builder and the stager.

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