On average, we spend about 400 hours in our kitchens every year. That’s a lot of time spent navigating between the stove and sink. And when you spend that much time in your kitchen space, you want to love every inch of it, right? 

From color to cabinetry, get inspiration for adding 2023’s hottest design trends to your kitchen. So you can love your kitchen space, this year, and for years to come. 

Pops of Color, Everywhere 

While white kitchens will always be in style, design experts predict that color will dominate the heart of the home this year. 

Warm earthy tones, nature-inspired shades of green, energetic reds, and even nostalgic vintage colors are all enjoying time in this trend spotlight. 

Today’s color trends aren’t just for the walls. Designers and homeowners are whole-heartedly embracing color. And they’re putting it everywhere. Everything from statement appliances to the backsplash and kitchen flooring is getting the color treatment in 2023. 

Kitchen Cabinets Go Natural

Natural materials, think wood and stone, are experiencing a renaissance this year. And nowhere is this trend more apparent than in the kitchen cabinets.

Yes, 2023 has seen the return of wood cabinets. Not your parent’s kitchen cabinets, this year’s contemporary take on wood cabinetry includes popular picks like stylish white oak and walnut. 
Trend researchers have also noted that homeowners are looking to bring the outdoors inside while keeping sustainability in mind. Wood kitchen cabinets tick both boxes as they offer an organic look and longevity, lasting up to 50 years when treated and cared for properly. 

Shelving and Storage That Works

Both homeowners and designers agree kitchen organization and storage are a top priority. Unfortunately, keeping things in order doesn’t always come easy. 

This year, it’s all about concealing clutter in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean tossing your pots and pans in a drawer or shoving your spices into a cupboard and calling it a day. Organization methods that are thoughtful, intentional, and practical are emerging as a top trend this year. 
With the right storage solutions, items that live on your countertops find their places inside of organized and easy-to-access cabinets or within arm’s reach. For example, swap your bulky knife blocks for a mountable magnetic knife holder, add a lazy Susan to your unused corner cabinets, or retrofit a cabinet with dividers to keep your baking sheets in order. 

Durable Custom Countertops Rule

When it comes to kitchen countertops, the first materials you probably think of are marble and granite. While the two materials are undoubtedly popular for their beauty, homeowners are increasingly choosing another material for their kitchen countertops: quartz. 

Why is quartz the king of countertop materials in 2023? Trend researchers cite quartz’s durability and affordability as the two main factors that attribute to this material’s growing popularity. 

Today, quartz countertop options are seemingly limitless. Whether you’re looking for a softer, brushed look or a sleek, shiny countertop surface, engineered stone quartz is available in a wide-array of finishes and styles that can effortlessly complement any kitchen. 

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