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As baby boomers age, they are looking for a change in their housing arrangements. But, boomers don’t want to move into retirement homes – they want a space they can call their own. Hence, many boomers are simply looking more into downsizing, as their kids are grown and out of the house and they don’t need all the space of their family home. So what does this generation consider when they decide to buy a home?


One thing that boomers look for as they begin their home buying search is universal design, meaning an environment that is accessible for older people and those with or without disabilities. Perhaps stairs aren’t something that these homebuyers are looking for, or they need wider doorways for wheelchair/walker accessibility. Maybe they need the master bedroom on the main floor while guest bedrooms are upstairs. Baby boomers need functionality that will work with their lifestyles.


Convenience is a big selling point for boomers. They are ready for newer appliances, open floor plans, and energy-efficient homes. With most boomers moving out of their family homes, they have already experienced a home that probably required a decent amount of upkeep. Now, they want to take it easy and have a more current living experience that makes life simple.


Cost also plays a huge role in the way baby boomers look for houses. As they retire, they have to consider if their finances will be enough to support their new living arrangement. Will they be able to maintain the home, pay bills, and make any necessary or desired renovations? If they’ve yet to retire, how much longer will they work and have that income? They will no longer make the same amount they once did and must always keep that in mind.


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