Visualizing a future home in a property is easier when the home property is staged, according to eighty-three percent of clients’ agents. Staging makes a home more tangible for the buyer, bringing them one step closer to making the purchase. Here are some ways staging a home can grow your brand.

Name Recognition

A realtor that regularly stages their homes soon earns a reputation for being a thorough, conscientious agent. When potential buyers see that a seller has a reputation for staging the homes they sell, they might be more open to buying from that realtor. The clients know the realtor will take the time they need to make the listing as attractive as possible. Some of the benefits of having a good reputation include:

  • Potential clients who know about a realtor’s reputation will be more likely to choose them over someone else
  • Clients are more likely to spread the word about a realtor who goes the extra mile by doing things like staging homes
  • Clients are more likely to trust a realtor with a strong reputation, giving the realtor more creative liberty

Quicker Closings

It goes without saying that clients want a home that looks good. Staging a home shows the buyers that the home has potential and can be worth the purchase price. In fact, a staged living room is important to at least 47% of buyers.

When people are able to see how life would look within a home they’re interested in, they are more likely to sign on the dotted line. A full 40% of agents report that a staged home encourages a quicker sale.

Increased Sales

Home staging is commonplace among real estate agents, and this is in large part due to the increased selling rate and value of homes that are staged. In a survey held in 2019, 22% of the sellers asked stated that staging a home gave a 1% to 5% increase in dollar value offered by buyers. Staging a home is seen as appealing to many clients, and is more likely to sell properties quicker and more frequently if homes are staged consistently.


By remaining consistent with well-staged homes and, therefore, ensuring a good reputation, you gain more credibility as a real estate agent. Being known as a reliable and thorough seller will make appealing to potential clients much easier—in addition to strengthening your reputation in the long term. There are many ways that staging homes can aid your business as a real estate agent and having credibility for being consistent and reliable is a good way to make your name known among your competition.

Home staging gives you better name recognition, quicker closings, increased sales, and a boost in credibility. When the client sees a property staged, it goes from being a “house” to a real home. As a result, it’s easier for them to picture themselves inside, and their journey to an agreement gets significantly shorter. If you’re ready to see how home staging can enhance your business, reach out to Creative Home Stagers today.