Selling a home comes with time-consuming preparation and planning that includes getting the home ready for buyers. Realtors and sellers have the same goals in mind, but before they can plan the celebration–that moment when the sign “SOLD” goes up–they have to put a plan in place that guarantees success for all.

Home stagers help realtors and sellers by transforming a home and creating the right atmosphere that motivates buyers to commit. Indeed, home staging is a resourceful tool that realtors and home builders can utilize to not only speed up sales but also build their brand. And when it comes to finalizing a sale, home stagers are one of the most important contributors to establishing a signature style that becomes recognizable.

Check out these three ways that home stagers help promote a business brand:

Home Stagers Add Value & Increase Sales

If you’re showcasing a model home for a residential building project, you’ll want a home stager who can add value to the home’s interior space by using décor and furniture placement. Professional home stagers can also increase the likelihood that the home will sell for more than the listing price when they organize and arrange furniture for optimum visual effects.

And if your model home or spec home includes amenities such as a brick fireplace or custom tile work, your home stager will know exactly how to showcase those extra amenities that set your home building project apart from the rest!

Consider these two points about home staging:

  • Staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes. (According to the National Association of Realtors)
  • Staging a home creates a connection with the buyer when they can visualize themselves living there.

Home Stagers Know How to Bring Out the Best

Making the right first impression is paramount when it comes to selling a home. You’ll want to create an environment that promotes a feeling of homeownership and that feeling needs to start the minute your buyer walks inside. Using a home stager to create the right mood helps you sell homes and generates referral business among your clientele.

Professional Home stagers also assess the exterior of the home and can add décor that highlights your brand’s message or signature style. And professional home stagers know what makes a home most desirable to buyers from the kitchen’s fancy Italian tile to the stylish brick coins on the home’s exterior design.

Home Stagers Influence Listing Interest

Home stagers understand the need for preparing a home to increase its marketability. And home staging has shown effectiveness for increasing the amount that buyers are willing to pay for a property. If your homes are consistently staged for maximum effect, you’ll be establishing your reputation as a top professional with quality presentations. And you know that leads to more sales!

Consider these 4 added advantages that home staging offers:

  1. Creates an atmosphere that enables the buyer to envision living in the home.
  2. Staged homes sell faster.
  3. Staged homes usually sell for more than homes not staged.
  4. Home stagers help build the home builder or realtor’s brand and reputation as a professional.

Build Your Brand Through Home Staging

Construction managers, home builders, and realtors will enjoy more home sales when they hire professional home stagers who can impact how buyers view homes. Without a doubt, partnering with a home stager creates a winning partnership that seals your place in the real estate market through brand promotion and more sales.