Have you ever wondered how professional designers work when they decorate a room? Did you ever secretly wish you could rent the model home you were shown?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration and ideas. You can create a warm and inviting ‘model look’ in your home by following these fundamental design tips.

Start With a Clean Canvas

Work on one room at a time, beginning with the rooms you use for entertaining the most, such as the living room and dining room. Take everything down off the walls and remove items from shelves.

Do a deep cleaning and get rid of the clutter. Downsize decorative items such as personal photographs, wall art, knickknacks, and collectibles.  

The goal is to create a spacious look that is light and airy.

Incorporate a Neutral Background

Stick with a color scheme in light neutral shades of white, beige, or gray on walls and trim to allow brighter pops of color on accessories to stand out.  Take the guesswork out of coordinating colors by using monochromatic shades of a single hue.

Neutral colors create a comfortable atmosphere with an underlying sense of elegance.

Layer the Lighting

Professionally designed model homes are bright with plenty of adequate lighting.  Enhance the mood and atmosphere in a room with ambient, task, and accent lighting. Install dimmer switches for more control of ambient light in a room.

Recessed ceiling lights or track lights are an excellent choice for ambient light. They can also serve as accent lighting when used as directional lights to highlight focal points such as wall art.

Add personality and interest to a room with an oversized hanging pendant lamp or a classic chandelier that complements the surrounding décor. For a stylish look in a modern setting, consider an Arc floor lamp. Install wall sconce lights that complement the architectural style of your home.

Include table or desk lamps for activities such as reading. Hanging pendant lights make a practical option for kitchen task lighting while adding an attractive aesthetic.

Create an intimate setting with accent lighting such as rope lights installed above or below cabinets or behind crown molding.  Use string lights to enhance architectural features like a covered patio, or fairy lights to embellish a fireplace mantle, headboard, or hanging wall tapestry with a magical glow.

Float Your Furniture

Bring furniture away from walls and create comfortable seating arrangements for conversation areas.  Use furniture that’s in scale with the room size and coordinating pieces. Keep the style consistent by removing pieces that don’t fit in.

Mix solid, heavier furniture with lighter pieces featuring space underneath for a balanced feel.  Keep traffic flow in mind when deciding on furniture placement. 

Use a Mix of Materials

Add visual interest and contrast to rooms with a mix of textures from various materials. Think primitive elements such as stone and wood mixed with industrial elements in metal.

Soften the space with a rug or throw made from faux fur. Layer in additional texture, pattern, and color with accent pillows, floor cushions, and curtains made from various textiles such as cotton, wool, or velvet.

Add a Dramatic Focal Point to Each Room

From statement framed art to meaningful vignettes, give visitors a reason to pause when designing rooms with a ‘model look’.  Dramatize your dining room with an eye-catching framed art print or stunning landscape photography. Elevate the space even more with an elegant wallpaper accent wall.

Build a thoughtful vignette in your entryway that complements your overall decorating style. Include elements such as a large framed mirror or wall art combined with relevant collectibles displayed on a cabinet or table underneath that tell a story.

Get Help Creating a ‘Model Look’ in Your Home

Putting all these design elements together in a well-decorated room can be challenging for anyone who isn’t professionally trained.  That’s why the professionals at Creative Homes Stagers are happy to step in and help.

Unlike staging services, where the goal is a design scheme that appeals broadly to everyone, we’ll shift the focus to reflect your personal sense of style.  Contact us to start planning the ‘model look’ of your ideal dream home today.