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Homebuyers downsize for a variety of reasons. For most, it’s a desire to have less home to maintain, less wasted space, and maybe even save money on property taxes and utility costs. How can home sellers take advantage of the fast-growing downsizing market to promote their own homes?

Here are a few easy things you can do to emphasize the coziness of your home so it appeals to the downsizing buyer.


Consider Colors

Certain colors read “cozier” than others. Warm eggshell tones, for example, feel a little less stark than blue-toned whites. If you’re working with a small space you don’t want to choose colors – for walls, furniture, or window coverings, in particular – that feel dark but instead that feel warm and inviting. It’s important to think about lighting, too, and how it will play off the colors you select.


Layered rooms always feel cozier. What does that mean? It means that a couch with a couple of throw pillows and a soft (folded!) blanket will naturally feel cozier than one with nothing on it. The same goes for bedrooms; don’t add so many pillows that your bed looks untouchable, instead think about layering a quilt on top of your comforter and adding one or two coordinated (but not matchy-matchy) pillows on top. Then consider the way an area rug might “layer” on top of the floor underneath to add depth.

Floor Rugs

Speaking of rugs… Carpet naturally feels cozier than hard floors! That doesn’t mean, though, that you should cover all your gorgeous hardwoods up with wall-to-wall Berber. Area rugs are a great way to anchor a space and even add visual interest if you choose a pattern. Just be careful that the rug is large enough to feel cozy, not sparse, and that its design doesn’t dominate the room.

Nooks and Crannies

Creating “nooks” in your home is a great way to add coziness and also to maximize its square footage! If you’ve got a home on the smaller size, giving awkward corners or well-lit areas a specific purpose will help buyers imagine themselves living there. A comfy chair with a floor lamp and a small bookshelf becomes a cozy reading nook; a never-used hall closet outfitted with shelves, a sconce, and a desk chair becomes a cozy home office station. Think outside the box.

Live in It

When it’s on the market, your home shouldn’t feel “used” but it shouldn’t feel “bare,” either! You want to strike a balance between livable and already-claimed. Adding a couple of coffee table books is a start, as are vases of fresh flowers in the kitchen and bathrooms. The more it seems like someone comfortably lives in the space, the more inviting it will be. Just don’t confuse clutter with coziness.


A cozy home is a marketable one! Don’t fret over the square footage of your house – maximize it. Need help making your space cozier? Creative Home Stagers has years of experience and we’re always happy to chat. Give us a call!