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When you are ready to sell your older home, it can be difficult thinking of ways to liven things up to appeal to different audiences. While it’s nice to have the charm of an old home, a lot of buyers want a home that feels modern and fresh. Attracting buyers to an older home should incorporate both the beauty and allure of the old with current trends. Here are some easy ways to bring what’s “in” now, into your home.


  1.  One inventive way to make an older home feel more modern is to take the doors off a few of your kitchen cabinets. Once the doors are off, you’ll want to smooth the sides where the hinges were and add a fresh coat of paint inside the cabinet. By doing this, you can show the space of the cabinet and create a display for potential buyers to envision their favorite mugs, plates, or other dishes.


  1. When people do a walkthrough tour of your home with a realtor, the first they are going to see is the door. You don’t want a paint chipped or weather worn door to greet them, so repaint your door! You can never go wrong with a new coat of paint, and repainting makes the home feel both inviting and updated. If you’re feeling bold, you can use a nice red shade or paint it black to up the curb appeal.


  1. Bathrooms are a huge selling point when buyers are looking at homes! If your home is 20+ years old and has the original faucet fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms, it’s time to update them. Overall, older fixtures give the rooms in your home a very dated appearance. Plus, years of wear and tear can also cause rust to build up. This simple change can pull your home into the present and show future residents they can keep the original old charm of the house with splashes of contemporary mixed in.

Your older home doesn’t have to feel old when buyers come to see it. Simple touches of what’s in trend now can boost the atmosphere of your home. By using a professional home stager, you’ll get the insight into what parts of your house buyers will be drawn to and what areas should have a more present-day look. Creative Home Stagers specializes in helping sellers create an atmosphere that will help their home sell quicker and for more money. If you’re ready to sell your home and would like to enlist our services, request a quote, or would like to set up a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today!