Presenting a clean home when you’re trying to sell is important, and now that spring is here, so is the busy home sale season. When you’re getting higher foot traffic in your home, it can be hard to keep the carpets inside clean. Even with a mat outside of the door, you’re still subject to various natural elements that unfortunately can’t be stopped. To give the best impression of the home, you want to be sure your carpet looks its best and isn’t riddled with patches of dirt and mud. 

First, try to preempt dirt on your carpets by placing mats outside of doors. While these mats won’t be 100% effective in keeping away all dirt, most people are kind enough to wipe their feet off if a mat is available. A good amount of debris and mud will be left at the door instead of being tracked inside your home!


The kind of vacuum you have affects the way your carpet is cleaned. If you have pets, you need a vacuum specifically designed to pick up pet hair. While regular vacuums will pick up dirt, pet hair will still be stuck in your carpet. Do you have carpeted stairs? You probably need a hand vacuum. Do your research and find the vacuum that best suits your needs.


While a vacuum picks up loose dirt and other debris on the surface of your carpet, it’s a smart idea to invest in (or rent) a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner will penetrate deep into the carpet, lifting dirt and grime sitting beneath the surface. Your carpets will look brighter and closer to their original color due after a deep clean.


Pro tip: if you need to spot clean your carpets for pet accidents, coffee, tea, or red wine stains, spray club soda on the spot and dab with a clean cloth. Your carpet should look restored and stain free afterwards!


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