Charlotte is known for its terrible allergens. In fact, the entire southeast is a hotbed for seasonal allergies! If you’re selling your home, the last thing you want is for potential buyers to walk in the door and start to sneeze.

How can you keep your home free of spring’s worst allergens, for your sake and that of buyers? Here are a few tried-and-true tips from Charlotte’s favorite staging company.


Trim Those Trees

Controlling allergens starts outdoors. If you have trees that produce a significant number of particulates, talk to an arborist about trimming back some of the branches. In many cases, it’s actually quite healthy for the trees! (Be mindful of any neighborhood or district regulations regarding proper tree-trimming practices.) And remember that spring curb appeal doesn’t have to equal flowers.


Keep the Front Clean

Most allergens enter your home by being tracked in, either on people’s shoes or even attached to their clothing. If your front yard, front porch, or driveway are covered in pollen, you can bet you’re bringing that pollen inside – and your guests are, too! Make it a point during allergy season to clean all walkways and entryways outside your home at least once every few days. That means sweeping and a quick wash with the hose, as long as your zip code isn’t currently under a water restriction. It’s also a good idea to get rid of your doormat; it’s basically just a collection plate for particulates right outside your door!


Change Your Filters

You know you need to change your HVAC filters at least once every three months, but did you know that you should change them far more often – even as much as once a month – during a particularly bad allergy season? If you have pets, double the amount of replacement filters you’ll need! The dirtier filters get with pollen and other particulates, the less effectively they work to filter out new particulates floating around in the air. Don’t let your HVAC system shuffle allergens around inside your house…keep it clean to help it work efficiently.


Close Doors and Windows

Spring might seem like the perfect time to open those windows and let fresh air in through your screens. It’s finally nice outside! Think again. Open windows and doors allow huge amounts of allergens in, especially if the weather has been particularly dry. The breeze might feel great on your skin, but it’s also helping allergens move into and around your home. Keep your doors closed except when people are entering or leaving and try to use a covered entrance (like the garage entry) when you can.

Your house doesn’t have to feel like a pollen palace! Being conscientious during allergy season can help both you and your guests breathe easier. Trust us, if you’re selling your house in spring, people are going to notice how much pollen it collects. Do what you can to head off that issue at the pass.


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