With spring just arriving, many of us are scrambling to get prepped for the spring cleaning season. The thing that your grandma didn’t tell you (she actually probably did– you just forgot) is that cleaning is much easier when everything is organized. Taking steps to get your ducks in a row and reduce clutter around the house before it’s time to deep clean will help you make your spring easier and more productive.


Find a Home for Everything

Before you even consider delving into spring cleaning, it’s essential that everything in your home has a designated place. If the perfect location can’t be worked out for an item, it may be a good time to ask yourself whether that object truly has a place in your life. Knowing where everything in your home belongs will make quick clean ups at the end of the day easier and keep you from wasting time organizing once you start deep-cleaning.


Spruce Up Your Garage

All too often, garages turn into forgotten islands of misfit toys– kid’s bikes in disrepair, dad’s leaf blower, and maybe a car? Not an ideal use of storage space. Invest in hanging wall racks and shelving systems to get everything sorted and easy-to-access. As a bonus, you may even be able to start parking your car inside again! Cleaning up the garage will also give you a chance to fix those broken kid’s toys before getting them organized, meaning you won’t be wasting space to store useless items anymore.


Implement a Rainy Day System

We’ve all had wet umbrellas dripping over the living room floor; and usually, those drops are dripping right over fresh, muddy footprints and clumps of mud. Having a system in place to combat the inevitable messiness of rain can help your home feel calmer and keep unsightly messes from detracting from the hard work you put into organization.


Snag a trendy galvanized bucket or repurpose a study ceramic floor vase to use as an umbrella holder. Get a functional rug and mat system in place to catch most of the soppy, messy grass and mud before they hit your floors. Taking action to combat messes like these is key to keeping your home feeling organized and harmonious.


Never Leave a Room Empty Handed

When you’re in the thick of organization and decluttering, it’s crucial that you strive to never leave a room empty-handed. Cleaning is overwhelming– but you may be surprised how much work seems to magically fly out the window when you ensure you’re always making progress. Run into the bathroom for a quick pit stop while cleaning out the garage? Do a quick once-over and take out the trash, some dirty laundry, or even products past their expiration date. When you’re always working, it’s hard to get behind.


Curious about mitigating clutter and getting your home looking good as new? Contact us today to learn more about easy ways to keep your home feeling calm and looking stunning– it’s much easier than you think.