When you’re trying to sell your home, it’s important to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. For many people looking for a home, space is usually one of the biggest factors in finding the perfect fit. They have to consider whether or not they may be willing to live without a certain amount of storage space, that extra linen closet, or mud room, and if that extra space is an uncompromising must-have.

 Here are four tips on how to showcase the space in your home when staging:


  1. Paint the walls

To make a small room appear bigger, paint the walls of an adjoining room the same color. You will be able to make the two rooms seem as though they are one large space instead of two separate areas. You’ll be blending the rooms together, creating a flow that will feel natural and more open.


  1. Take some of the clothes out of your closet

Removing clothes from your closet can help buyers see into the closet and view the space. It also helps to feel less cramped if clothes are not pressing into each other; it can give the impression the closet isn’t big enough for their things. The clothes left should be neatly hung with enough space between them so it looks spacious enough for potential buyers to envision their own clothes inside.


  1. Declutter the home

If there are things around the house that you don’t need consistent access to, throw them away or find a clever hiding spot. While you don’t want the rooms in your home to be bare, you also don’t want too much in the room to distract buyers from the space’s potential. Stray papers and shoes should be put somewhere they won’t be seen and oversized, bulky furniture should be swapped out for something lighter to make the home look bigger.


  1. Make rooms functional

Show potential buyers how they can utilize the space your home has to offer. Create a space in the entryway of the home to hang jackets or neatly place shoes. Turn an extra room into a home office or gym space. You want people to imagine themselves in the home, so try to help the buyers’ imaginations by changing different rooms to meet different needs.


Staging your home for buyers can be intimidating if you’re unsure of the common trends are and how to arrange things to best maximize space. Creative Home Stages has worked with various clients to stage their homes and usually help them sell faster. For your home staging needs, contact us. We would be happy to help your set up your home to sell.