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At Creative Home Stagers, we’ve talked at length about some of the most common staging issues homeowners run into. We’ve talked about dated appliances, and how to draw attention away from them. We’ve talked about funky layouts, and what you can do to make them flow better. We’ve even talked about bad carpet, and how to make it less of a problem.

Today, we’re talking about how to stage around an ugly yard.

Here in Charlotte, curb appeal is just as important as the interior of a home. In a hot market like ours, homes with bad yards simply won’t sell for top dollar; home buyers care (a lot) what the outside of their future home looks like and how they can utilize it.

So, what should you do if your home is saddled with a bad outdoor space? Here’s how to stage around it.


If Your Yard is Wild and Overgrown

Thankfully, a Jumanji-esque yard is actually one of the easiest outdoor issues to stage around. It’s worth every penny to hire a landscape architect and/or a landscaper to come in and clean your yard up. That means pulling out bushes, tilling up dead sod, and even removing mature trees if they’re in poor health or threaten the home’s roof or foundation. When it comes to an out of control yard, sometimes the easiest thing to do is tear everything out and start over. Bonus: The more sweat equity you and your family are willing to put into digging and planting? The more money you’ll save on the re-do.


If Your Yard is Too Small

Lots are getting smaller and smaller and it’s not unusual even in some of Charlotte’s most historic neighborhoods to find homes fewer than 20 feet apart from one another. If your yard has awkward, cramped spaces – in the back, in the front, or even on the side – the best thing you can do is give them a purpose. A professional stager can help you figure out how to turn that odd concrete slab in the back into an outdoor dining area; they can also give you tips for creating a functional arrangement for storage and toys in some of the more useless corners of your yard. You wouldn’t “waste” any square footage inside your home, and you shouldn’t in your yard, either.


If Your Yard is Blah, Boring, or Nondescript

Maybe there’s just not a lot you can do with your yard. Perhaps it’s too small or too shaded for much to grow? If you’ve run out of good ideas for the landscaping itself, turn your attention to your home. Make sure every single element of your house (and its auxiliary features, like the driveway) is perfect. Hire a pressure washer. Have the home painted if it’s time. Install a new roof if yours has seen better days. Sometimes it’s hard to see exactly what your home is lacking, especially when you’ve grown used to looking at it day in and day out. That’s where a professional stager comes in.


Not everyone’s outdoor space is cut out for Yard of the Month! If you have a bad yard, a little thought and attention can go a long way towards getting your home sold. Ready for your free staging consultation?


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