You can stage around a variety of home flaws. Bad carpet? You can fix that. Funky layout? You know how to make it work for you.

But what if your home has virtually no natural light? Buyers love light.
Is your home sale doomed to fail?

Hardly! There are actually quite a few strategies the best home stagers use to resolve the issue of no natural light inside a home. Here are a few staging tricks for adding more light to your house before you put it on the market.



Enhance the Light You Do Have

Even if your house doesn’t get a lot of light, you still have some windows. You’ve got options when it comes to maximizing the natural light that comes into a room. The best two ways to do this are to (1) increase reflectivity within the room and (2) reduce obstructions to the light.

Increasing Reflectivity: Have you heard that mirrors make spaces brighter? They do! So do light colors, so think “light” when you’re choosing curtains and artwork. Matte paints also reflect light better than satin paint, so consider that when selecting a paint color.

Reducing Obstructions: Light from the top of a window reaches farthest inside your room, so be sure not to block it with heavy draperies or valances. Orient furniture to promote the flow of light through the room, preferably parallel to the window itself.


Add Light Where You Can

When a room is dark, add light where you can. This is important not just to correct the issue of low natural light, but also to help brighten up your home at night for those all-important after work showings. Recessed lighting adds a ton of light when it’s feasible; when it’s not, a few strategically placed lamps do the trick. Be sure to mix up the height of lamps (i.e. one floor lamp, two table lamps, etc.) to disperse light throughout the room and even onto the ceiling.



Choose Colors Wisely

When decorating a room without a ton of natural light, carefully consider every color you select. Light-colored neutrals are the best way to infuse more levity into a dark room, but also think about how heavy the pieces you choose feel, too. “Light” is a word with more than one meaning! At the same time, don’t feel like everything has to be blindingly white to make a difference. Creams, beiges, taupes…there are lots of light colors on the spectrum that won’t have you sacrificing style for brightness.

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