When it comes to selling your home, there are a few features that are all the rage right now and its these features that buyers seek out. At the top of the list is open floor plans. Buyers are looking for open concept designs where the living room flows into the dining room, which then flows into the kitchen.

Another feature buyers are looking for is multiple bathrooms in the house, and spa-like bathrooms at that. Knowing that buyers are placing such an emphasis on bathrooms, it’s important to ensure these spaces are staged to help sell your home.

Check out the following staging tips to ensure your bathrooms are going to help you get top dollar for your house.

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1. Place Luxurious Rugs by the Bath Tub

Because of the tile or marble floors, the porcelain features, and typically brass or silver fixtures, bathrooms can give off a cold feel. Find a luxurious, fluffy rug to place in front of the bathtub or shower to warm up the space.

2. Accessorize with Fresh Flowers

Bathrooms typically host clean, crisp colors such as white or cream on the walls or features, and this helps give the room a spa-like feel. Fresh flowers can also help enhance your bathroom as a relaxing environment. Place a vase of hydrangeas or chrysanthemums on the counter or above the toilet to add a pop of color.

3. Emphasize Organization

Homeowners want to be able to store linens, medicine and other personal items in their bathrooms. Therefore, ample storage space is important. If you have a linen closet in your bathroom, a medicine cabinet and any other storage space under the sink, ensure you’re showing off how spacious these areas are. Space organizers and cabinet wall shelves can be very helpful in showing potential buyers just how much storage you have in your bathroom.

4. Stage the Bathroom as a Spa

The more relaxing and spa-like you can make your bathrooms, the more enticing they will be to buyers. Place a small vintage cart near the bathtub with fluffy, white towels, lotions, candles, and flowers on it. Check out Pinterest or Houzz for more ideas on how to turn your bathrooms into in-house spas.


5. Frame the Mirror

You would be surprised how much detail around the mirror can do to enhance the space. A hanging mirror with no detail serves its purpose, but it does nothing to entice the eye. However, you can pull the whole room together by framing the mirror with a decorative frame that compliments the cabinets.


6. Use a Rounded Shower Rod

One thing luxurious homes and hotels have in common are rounded shower rods. Not only does this open the room up more, but it also makes the shower or bathtub/shower combo seem that much larger to prospective buyers.

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