We’ve all heard it before: bathrooms and kitchens sell houses! It’s a common saying because it’s true, and today’s buyers are pickier than ever about having a sparkling, up-to-date bathroom, especially in the master. Staging a bathroom might seem tricky (there’s no furniture!) but there are a few steps you can take that will instantly update your loo.

Got an hour? Then you’ve got time to stage your bathroom.

Get Scrubbing
Well, this should go without saying, but a clean bathroom is the first step towards a staged bathroom! Give every nook and cranny of the room a deep scrub, and don’t forget the corners where hair and mildew can build up. Clean glass showers with a mix of baking soda and water if they’ve got hard water stains, and use a toothbrush to get around faucet bases and drains. If you’ve got a tube of clear silicone caulk lying around, consider replacing the beads between the pieces of your countertops and the backsplash for a really fresh look.

Declutter Big Time
Depersonalizing is particularly important in the bathroom…who wants to see what kind of mouthwash you use? Take everything off the counters to create a blank slate for buyers to imagine their own touches. If they feel too bare or are particularly large, consider adding a live plant (we love orchids because they’re clean and long-lasting) for a decorative touch that feels both fresh and luxurious. And don’t just stuff everything underneath the cabinets; buyers are going to open them! Try to leave the cabinets and drawers only ½ full so they don’t give off the impression of too-little storage.

Go All White
In bathrooms, especially where space is at a premium, replace everything you can with something white. Buy a couple of new fluffy, white bath towels to hang from the towel rack. Replace the colorful geometric shower curtain with a textured white one. Go with a white flower for the countertop or a grouping of white candles in the corner of a built-in tub. White resonates “clean” when it comes to bathrooms, and that’s the ultimate impression you want buyers to leave with.

Other quick ideas for freshening up your bathroom:

  • Remove bath mats from the floor to open up the space (unless, that is, you have a terrible floor. If so, covering it with mats is a good strategy.)
  • Leave the shower curtain open 1/3 of the way to give more depth to the room
  • Leave a candle burning on the back of the toilet – just make sure its scent is fresh and clean, not flowery and overpowering
  • To go one step above, switch out hardware, faucets, and showerhead for something more updated. Fixtures go a long way when it comes to making a room feel more modern.

There you have it! Staging a bathroom doesn’t have to be an all-day affair and remember, less is always more.

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