Pre-summer festivities are in full swing. For homeowners looking to make a sale this coming season, there are numerous opportunities to take advantage of the summer weather when it comes to selling their homes. While the days may be long and hot, there’s actually ample opportunity to manipulate the weather to your benefit. Below, we’ve rounded up a few quick tips for utilizing those summer rays of sun to sell your home.


How to Use the Summer Weather to Sell Your Home


Spring for some summer curb appeal

Summer is all about letting loose, relaxing with friends and family, and bright colors. If you’ve got the dough to spare, spending a little cash to boost your home’s curb appeal with these ideas in mind could mean the difference between a sale and a non-committal buyer.


We all want to get excited about summer– give potential buyers something to celebrate once they step onto your property! Integrate tasteful, seasonally-appropriate decor, get your pool and deck looking spick and span, and spring for fun, colorful reminders of the season. If you’re DIY-inclined, you could even paint up an accent wall for a pop of color.


Use light to your advantage

We’re all aware that summer offers us months full of extra daylight– anyone who’s tried to keep little tikes on a schedule come the warmer months is familiar with the struggle to block out the sun at eight P.M. While the experience can be a little overwhelming at some points, it’s actually a great opportunity to take advantage of a natural light source while you try to sell your home.


Natural lighting has been shown to have a positive effect on the way we view our surroundings. You can host showings later in the day without needing to fret about that questionable light bulb in the kitchen, show off a shiny new set of windows, and help potential buyers get a feel for how their lives will look in the home during some of its most beautiful moments.


Add additional amenities

If you’ve been waffling when it comes to small additions or pick-me-ups that make your home shine, now is the time to make a decision. Summer offers a handful of excellent opportunities to showcase all the ways that your home’s outdoor living space can be used. Consider installing a set of misters to keep prospective buyers cool and entice them to buy; or set up a vegetable garden with the kiddos to paint a picture of how your yard space could be used in the future.


Creative Home Stagers Can Help

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